Marty Decatur

Marty Decatur Decatur will be remembered as one of the best doubles players ever. His record of eight four-wall titles, six three-wall crowns and four one-wall championships speak to that. […]

Paul Haber

Paul Haber USHA Hall of Fame Induction: 1983 It was an accurate ceiling shot that won Haber his national championships. He could drop the ball into the left rear corner […]

John Sloan

Johnny Sloan In more than two decades of scrutinizing handball’s very best tournament performers there has been no player that personifies the true meaning of the word “pro” than Johnny […]

Oscar Obert

Oscar Obert Elected to the Hall of Fame with Jacobs was another “shoo-in,” Oscar Obert. Oscar won more open USHA national championships than any other player in the history of […]

Jim Jacobs

Jim Jacobs Jim Jacobs’ admission into the hall of Fame was just a matter of when he would become eligible. The original requirement has set up eligibility for players who […]

George Brotemarkle

George Brotemarkle George Brotemarkle became the 20th member of the Hall and has the distinction of being the only inductee admitted as both a player and contributor. An outstanding basketball […]

Ken Schneider

Ken Schneider 1921- 2009 Induction: 1965   1950 Four-Wall Singles Champion 1954 Four-Wall Doubles Champion 1955 Four-Wall Doubles Champion Schneider’s tournament career spanned more than 30 years. He won the […]

Robert Brady

Bob Brady, 1922-1972 Induction: 1965  1953 Four-Wall Singles Champion 1958 Three-Wall Doubles Champion Bob Brady learned handball in Montana, and gained national attention playing out of San Francisco’s Olympic Club. […]

Albert Apuzzi

Albert Apuzzi Induction: 2002* *Albert Apuzzi was inducted into the Handball Hall of Fame in 2002. Not a fan of fanfare and still trying to compete at the Open level, […]

Dave Dohman

Dave Dohman Induction: 2009 1977 Three-Wall Doubles Champion1978 Three-Wall Doubles Champion1988 Three-Wall Doubles Champion1989 Three-Wall Doubles Champion1990 Three-Wall Doubles Champion1991 Three-Wall Doubles Champion1992 Three-Wall Doubles Champion1997 Three-Wall Doubles Champion1998 Three-Wall […]