Can’t Find Handballs and Gloves in Your Town?  Take matters into your own hands and become a USHA Distributor…

We created the USHA Distributor program in order to get handball equipment to players in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This program can also serve as a money maker for your local club.

How do you join? Simple, follow these easy steps:

  • Be a USHA member in good standing
  • Print our the USHA Distributor Agreement HERE.
  • Fill out and sign the agreement and return it to the USHA by email HERE.

That’s it! Complete those three easy steps and you’re officially a USHA Distributor.  To get a USHA Distributor Price List, call the USHA at (520) 795.0434.

The Basics

  • You must be a USHA member in good standing.
  • Pay up front. We accept credit card and checks.
  • We will not invoice for the USHA Distributor program.
  • You pay actual shipping charged to us by UPS or USPS (USPS if outside of the continental US) – we get a discounted rate for being a preferred customer with these carriers, and we’ll pass that price on to you.

Minimum Orders

Distributors are required to place at least one order per year in order to maintain status as a distributor.  Below are the minimum amounts you can get of each item per order.

For example, if you’re purchasing handballs, you have to order at least a case (60 cans) of handballs per order, though you can mix red and white label if you choose. If you’re purchasing gloves, you have to order at least 12 pairs per order.  If satisfy the minimum order for one product, you can add other products without having to reach the minimum order amounts.  (Example:  1 Case of Handballs and 6 Gloves, or 12 Gloves and 10 cans of Handballs).

Minimum Order

  • 1 case (60 cans) of handballs
  • 12 pairs Elite, Edge or Rollout Gear gloves (mix & match sizes and colors)
  • 12 Big handballs
  • 12 pairs knit glove liners (s,m,l)
  • 12 pairs thin glove liners (one size fits all)

Sign Up Members – Get a Commission

We encourage you to sell merchandise at a discount to USHA members, but it’s not required. However, we offer a great incentive to get more players to sign up. You receive a $10 commission for every new member sign up and $5 for every renewal membership. That means you can charge the regular USHA membership price of $55 for a one-year or $150 for a three-year membership and keep the commission or become the most popular guy at the club and pass the savings on to the players you sign up.  Either way, just fill out the Membership forms and send in the money: $45 for new members ($130 for 3-year) and $50 for renewals ($135 for 3-year). You can contact the office to determine whether a player is a new member (they need to be a brand new USHA member or expired for over six months) or a renewal member.

Suggested Retail Price

You can sell the merchandise for any price you see fit. If you have a group of players and you pooled your money to get gloves and balls, you most certainly can distribute at cost. That’s fine. Conversely, you are also free to sell to the general public at any price the market will bear, making a profit for your efforts.


There are no USHA Distributor territories. Any USHA member can become a Distributor even if they’re in the same neighborhood as another Distributor. We do ask you to respect the wishes of clubs, pro shops and schools that prohibit the sale of merchandise on the premises.

Return Policy

Returns and exchanges go through the USHA Distributor. Let it be known that if for any reason the merchandise needs to be returned, customers should bring it back to you. You can, in turn, work with the USHA office.

Handballs – The “21” logo must be clearly visible on any returned handballs.  Any balls that do not rebound from free fall, 70-inch drop to a hardwood floor from 48 to 52 inches at a temperature of 68 degrees F don’t meet spec and can be returned. Also, balls that break with the label still visible can be returned. We offer replacement or credit for return eligible broken balls

Gloves – If gloves fall apart during normal handball play, or if they are received defective, we’ll replace them or offer a refund.

If the return is due to USHA error (we sent the wrong size glove or type of balls) or the product is defective, we will pay for you to ship the merchandise back to us for refund or replacement (call the office and we’ll send you a UPS return label).

If you ordered the wrong glove or ball, you’ll have to return them at your own expense, but we will more than gladly refund your money or replace the gloves free of charge (if the merchandise has not been used).

USHA Reserves the Right to Publicize USHA Distributor Contact Info

We want to widely promote our new USHA Distributors. The main reason for this program is to make reasonably priced handball equipment readily available. Anybody can call or go to our web site and purchase direct from us, but we’d rather have them go to a local distributor, so they don’t have to pay shipping and they can get their stuff immediately. Thus, in order to be a distributor we need you to sign off on the following stipulation on your application for being an USHA Distributor.