2024 USHA Annual Winter Board Meeting, Tucson, AZ – Minutes HERE.

2023 USHA Annual Summer Board Meeting, Brooklyn, NY – Minutes HERE.
2023 USHA Annual Winter Board Meeting, Tucson, AZ – Minutes HERE.
2022 USHA Annual Summer Board Meeting, Portland, OR – Minutes HERE.
2022 USHA Annual Winter Board Meeting, Tucson, AZ – Minutes HERE.
2021 USHA Annual Summer Board Meeting, Toledo, OH – Minutes HERE.
2021 USHA Annual Winter Virtual Board Meeting – Minutes HERE.
2020 USHA Annual Summer Virtual Board Meeting – Minutes HERE.
2020 USHA Annual Winter Board Meeting, Tucson, AZ – Minutes HERE.
2019 USHA Annual Summer Board Meeting, Fountain Valley, CA – Minutes HERE.
2019 USHA Annual Winter Board Meeting, Tucson, AZ – Minutes HERE.
2018 USHA Annual Summer Board Meeting, Toledo, OH – Minutes HERE.
2018 USHA Annual Winter Board Meeting, Tucson, AZ – Minutes HERE.
2017 USHA Annual Summer Board Meeting, Brooklyn, NY – Minutes HERE.
2017 USHA Annual Winter Board Meeting, Tucson, AZ – Minutes HERE.
2016 USHA Annual Summer Board Meeting, Fridley, MN – Minutes HERE.
2016 USHA Annual Winter Board Meeting, Tucson, AZ – Minutes HERE.


Mid-America Region
Denis Hogan (2027)
Mainville, Ohio
Northeast Region
Jared Vale (2026)
Floral Park, NY
Northern California
Tom Sove (2025)
Citrus Heights, CA
Steve Birrell (2026)
Bozeman, MT


Past President
LeaAnn Martin (2025)
Bellingham, WA
Alethia Mendez-Caba (2025)
Clifton, NJ
Rich Curtner
Anchorage, AK
Max Langmack (2027)
Tucson, AZ
Ben Van Arsdale (2027)
Milwaukee, WI
Northwest Region
Nick White (2025)
Bozeman, MT
Southern California Region
Rob Nichols (2026)
Lake Elsinor, CA
Rocky Mountain Region
Frank Holguin
Las Cruces, NM
Southwest Region
Daniel Navarro 
Austin, TX
Central Region
Jim Wohl (2027)
Schaumburg, IL
Southeast Region
Rob Birrell (2025)
Powder Springs, GA
Carl Porter Jr.
Tucson, AZ

USHA Board of Director Contact information and USHA Committees Roster & Structure HERE.

Committee Autonomy:
Standing committees, sub-committees, task forces and other ad hoc groups created to serve the activities and duties of the USHA Board of Directors shall be charged with conducting meetings and conference calls as appropriate, and reporting their deliberations, recommendations, and motions to the Board in a timely manner throughout the year but especially during those times when the Board is meeting. Such groups are not independent of the Board, whether there is Board membership or not, and do not have separate budgetary rights and responsibilities other than what may be specified by the Board or Executive Committee in specific instances.


GENERAL COMMENTS – Some activities of the USHA fall within one committee, some will fall into more than one, with interfaces and overlap. For example, the ball development and quality control is game committee but the ball production, ordering, delivery and merchandising is the services/revenue committee. There may be times when apparent conflicts surface. These can be resolved by the President, Executive Committee or the entire Board, depending on the timing, magnitude and importance of the issue.

BUDGET – Members include the treasurer, president, executive director and the chairs of various committees. Responsible for yearly budget, budget compliance with respect to Board decisions, and budget recommendations to the Board.

COLLEGIATE – Established to oversee and grow the game at the collegiate level, including the annual national tournament. Group is made up of coaches and interested parties.

EXECUTIVE – Established by our by-laws. Primary responsibility is decision making on various issues between Board Meetings.

FIRST ACE – Responsible for recommendations of actions needed to bring new players into the game, particularly youth, women and collegiates. Recommendations on the Junior Nationals and International Collegiate Championships (1 Wall, 3 Wall and 4 Wall). Also, recommendations on strategies to acquire resources and allocation of resources for various programs throughout the United States.

FUNDING / REVENUE – Responsible for recommendations regarding our revenue and membership base, including sales, merchandising and marketing products (including gloves and handballs), potential sponsorship and advertising.

GAME – Responsible for recommendations of all aspect related to playing our game, including handballs, equipment, rules, referees, player infractions, tournament conduct and management, USHA protocols, safety and facilities (particularly related to playability and safety). Also, recommendations on Research and Development of new equipment (including handball), specifications, and quality control process.

HALL OF FAME – Responsible for recommendations of Hall of Fame and Kendler Award inductees. Also, recommendations of the rules and regulations regarding the Hall of Fame process, structure and eligibility requirements.

INVESTMENT – Responsible for recommendations on investments of assets, managing scholarship funds, promotion of the Endowment Fund, seeking new grants, and direction of any annual fund raising and/or capitol campaign efforts.

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES / Development – Responsible for recommendations regarding the expansion of our membership base as well as the activities and services we offer our membership, including magazine, web site, and other means of communication.

ONE-WALL – Established to grow one-wall handball, including big ball and small ball on the national level.

PERSONNEL – Responsible for job description, salary/benefits, performance evaluation of Executive Director, and review of other staff evaluations/recommendations as performed by the Executive Director. Also, responsible for the performance of the board of directors, organizes board self-evaluation and recommendations of office structure to Executive Director.

PROMOTION – Responsible for recommendations regarding Men’s and Women’s Pro Events (1 Wall, 3 Wall, 4 Wall), including tournaments, number of events, locations, host fees, prize money and structure. Also, recommendations on Promotional endeavors to heighten the positive awareness of Handball, within the handball community and to the general public and potential outside sponsors and donors.

STRATEGIC PLANNING – Comprised of various Board Members and Chairs of the Budget, Development, Game, Services/Revenue, Promotion and Investment Committees. Responsible for recommendations of the long-term vision for handball, the overall thrust of the USHA, elections of Board Members, By-Laws, and USHA organizational structure.

TECHNOLOGY – Established to bring the USHA up to date on the latest tools to spread the joy of the perfect game.

USHA Commissioners

Executive Director
Matthew Krueger
2333 N. Tucson Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716
Office: 520-795-0434
Mobile: 520-241-4182
Youth Development Director
Gary Cruz
Newport Beach, CA
(949) 633-2422
Hall of Fame
Mike Dau
1176 Lynette Ave.
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Don Quinlan
Arlington Hts., IL
Rules and Referees
Pete Tyson
Austin, Texas
Collegiate Commissioner
Nate Frank
Austin, Texas
Women’s Commissioner
Kristen Hughes
Austin, Texas