USHA/ICHA Junior One-Wall Nationals

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — The USHA Junior Nationals hosted by the Inner City Handball Association will be at the Seaside Courts at Coney Island West 5th St. & Surf Ave. This tournament kicks off the unofficial start of summer by showcasing the talents of the best junior one-wall handball players in the country. Who will be the next Junior One-Wall National Champions?

This event uses the USHA RED 21 and WHITE 21 small balls.

Who should play in this event?

  • Any teen player interested in exploring tournament handball for the first time.
  • Any teen player interested in understanding the rules of handball.
  • Any teen player interested in future scholarships in the sport of handball.
  • Any teen player interested in volunteering for a community charity.
  • Any teen player interested in learning competition strategies.
  • Any teen player interested in meeting other teen players and having a fun weekend of handball.

For proof of age, participants must have a valid school ID including a date of birth or a combination of a birth certificate and school ID.

Eye protection is mandatory. To promote our rules and emphasis on player safety, one pair of FREE lensed eyeguards will be provided to each player.

Teens entered into this event are eligible to apply for USHA & ICHA 2024 Scholarships on the ICHA website.

To encourage Girl participation, ALL GIRLS EVENTS ARE FREE THIS EVENT.

Any questions please call the IHCA at: 718-703-7699

More info HERE.