2018 World Championships & USHA Four-Wall Nationals

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Minnesota’s own Mike Gustafson brought the first 2018 World Title to his home state by winning the Masters Singles 1-Wall Small Ball title over Ireland’s James Doyle on Saturday, 21-13, 12-0 injury default.  What started as a spirited match, ended anticlimactically with Doyle’s injury default.  

Gustafson survived a strong start by Doyle in the first before finding his own groove.  Trailing 5-1, Gustafson settled comfortably to first take the lead and the first game.  

“I didn’t get much small ball practice before,” admitted Gustafson.  “But it was like going for a crack-serve in four-wall, but making sure [the ball] stayed in.  Once that happens, you can hook the serve off the court.  It was too bad he was hurt.  It would have been a great match to finish.”  

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first finals forfeiture for Doyle.  Earlier in the day, he pulled up with a hamstring injury and couldn’t finish the Masters Singles Wallball final against Ecuador’s Carlos Lalama, (losing 21-9 before stopping play). 

Doyle didn’t let the setback prevent him from “making a go of it” in the small ball final.  Doyle’s skill, mixed with grit and determination pushed Gustafson early.   

Congrats to the many others who won World titles on Saturday.  See results, draws & future match times HERE.

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