Vic Hershkowitz

USHA Hall of Fame Induction: 1957

Hershkowitz is considered by most historians as the greatest all-around player in handball history. No other player has ever so thoroughly dominated one-, three-, and four-wall handball competition. It was appropriate that Vic should win the first USHA Masters singles in 1966. In addition to his 23 national Open singles and doubles championships, Hershkowitz holds 12 national Masters titles.

Vic worked in New York City as a fireman, and incidentally won several National Firefighters tournaments.

USHA National Handball Championships   *AAU Titles

1942 One-Wall Doubles Champion*
1947 One-Wall Singles Champion*
1948 One-Wall Singles Champion*
1948 One-Wall Doubles Champion*
1949 Four-Wall Singles Champion*
1950 One-Wall Singles Champion*
1950 Three-Wall Singles Champion*
1951 Three-Wall Singles Champion
1952 One-Wall Singles Champion*
1952 Three-Wall Singles Champion
1952 Four-Wall Singles Champion
1953 One-Wall Singles Champion*
1953 Three-Wall Singles Champion
1954 Three-Wall Singles Champion
1954 Four-Wall Singles Champion
1955 Three-Wall Singles Champion
1956 One-Wall Doubles Champion*
1956 Three-Wall Singles Champion
1956 Three-Wall Doubles Champion
1957 One-Wall Singles Champion*
1957 Three-Wall Singles Champion
1958 Three-Wall Singles Champion
1961 Four-Wall Doubles Champion



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