Knee Exercise

Most important knee exercise helps stop pain, gets you back on court by Dr. John Aronen     The right knee and thigh muscles are well defined. The vastus medialis […]

Bolster Joints

Ligaments, muscles team to bolster joints By Dr. John Aronen    Well-defined thigh and leg muscles indicate good stability in the joint. As noted in Part I, joints were designed […]

Human joints

Human joints: Their function and problems By Dr. John Aronen      Articular cartilage is essential in a joint. There are many statements in life that we do not like […]

Salt Intake

Risks of high salt intake outweigh benefits By Dr. John Aronen An article in the December 2002 issue of Handball magazine caught my attention, for it discussed muscle cramps and […]

Stretch quads/hams

The importance of stretching Using quadriceps exercises … By Dr. John Aronen There are two methods that can be used to effectively stretch the quadriceps. To perform the method shown […]