Washington Athletic Club’s WPH Pre-Race Invitational and Benefit

SEATTLE — The Washington Athletic Club and the WAC Handball Club hosted a one-day professional handball tournament, Saturday, Sept. 10, featuring 4 of the Top 10 players in the world: Sean Lenning (#2), Mando Ortiz (#3), Emmett Peixoto (#6) and Luis Cordova (#9).  Almost $1,500 was raised at the event which benefited the Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Ortiz defeated Cordova in the final with a convincing 15-7 and 15-8 victory. 
The event was a big success in terms of the handball talent, competition on the court and fundraising towards a great cause!  Sean Lenning, coming off of his slam at the Three-Wall Nationals, gave a great performance in spite of a sore shoulder.  Cordova played great ball, beating Lenning in the first match before running into a buzz-saw in Ortiz in the finals.  The event was owned by Ortiz who played lights-out in both of his matches, shooting the ball with both hands from everywhere on the court.  The match of the event was definitely the match-up of Ortiz and Peixoto in the opening round.  Ortiz won a tight first game contest 15-12 only to get thumped in the second to Peixoto, 15-4.  The tiebreaker (win by two) was nothing short of amazing, as both players played neck-and-neck before Ortiz pulled out the 16-14 triumph. 

Without question, the doubles game that was played after the singles final was spectacular.  The crowd loved the action with all the exciting kills, thrilling gets and re-kills which brought most of them out of their seats cheering.  At the end, the crowd showed their appreciation for the awesome doubles exhibition. This year marked improved attendance, and the WAC plans to host a bigger and better event next year.

Admission to the matches was a donation of $25 (or more), with 100% of the proceeds going to Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Checks payable to Seattle Children’s Hospital or cash will be accepted–no credit cards.  Players will be available Saturday evening for a no-host get together down at Hagerty’s on the 2nd floor of the WAC.  Pro Handball at the WAC begins at 12:00 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 10!  All are welcome. Contact Darin Barr or Randy Multack with any questions. 
Read the press release for the Washington Athletic Club’s WPH Pre-Race Invitational and Benefit HERE.
Thanks to Randy Multack for contributing to this story.  Photo courtesy of the Washington Athletic Club. 

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