Mardak Scholarships

The Mardak Scholarships will be awarded in the Fall semester this year. 

Eligibility:  Mardak Scholarships will be awarded to full time college applicants who have taught handball through their community handball program.  The Mardak Scholarships are available to any students teaching handball, not just handball players.  As an example, Kinesiology Majors (who will teach Physical Education) and are involved in teaching at one school.  Requirement:  Applicants must be USHA Certified Level I instructors.

Award:  This year, six $2,500 scholarships are available through the Mardak Scholarship program.  

How to apply: Please send an essay outlining current academic status and course work, handball experience and/or teaching handball experience.  Please include unofficial transcripts and how the money would help further the applicant’s education.

Applications will be reviewed with the intent to reward students in good academic standing.  Of course, good character and financial need are other considerations.

Email Applications to: (Please include “Mardak Scholarship” in the Subject Line).

Annual Application Deadline: Dec. 15

Mardak Scholars:

Caitlin Behne (Texas A&M)
Cole Bicksler (Texas)
John A. Bike (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Ivan Burgos (Pima Community College)
Aoife Holden (Angelo State)
Izzy Klicker (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Diarmuid Mulkerrins (Angelo State)
Levy Osen (Colorado School of Mines)
Korynne Reininger (Texas)
Kerington Sauser (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Zachary Wells (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Andrew Ward (Utah State)

Shane Dunne (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Jason Buley (Texas A&M)
Clodagh Munroe (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Mark Doyle (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Mariko Deloach (Texas)
Christian Madsen (Missouri State)
Noel Aguilar (Texas)

Zane Coyle (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Luis Mendez (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Kouichi Saito (Pacific)
Andrew Unick (Minnesota State, Mankato)

Geena May (UT McGovern Medical)
Brady Miller (Texas)
Lilibeth Ramirez (Texas)
Jared Lovie (University of Alberta)
Sam Ure (Minnesota State, Mankato)

Joelle Anderson (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Shiva Chandrashekar (Arizona State)
Perla Guzman (Texas State)
Sarai Guzman (Texas)
Madeleine Kennedy (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Brayden Llewellyn (Utah State)
Ciana Ní Churraoin (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Valeria Reyes (Texas)
Bella Smith (Texas)
Alex Tangen (Texas)

Adrian Anderson (Minnesota State, Mankato)
Esteban Camacho (Arizona State)
Brooke Edwards (Texas)
David Frances (Arizona State)
Jarod Jenson (Utah State)
Jasmine Richardson (Texas)

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