Introducing the 55 Handball

From the manufacturers of the ONE Ball, introducing the revolutionary 55 Ball – a game-changer designed exclusively for handball players!

The 55 is a PREMIUM HANDBALL with the peak performance features that handball players demand.  55 Handballs are approved for USHA-Sanctioned Tournaments.

We’re thrilled to unveil the remarkable 55 Ball, meticulously crafted to redefine your handball experience.

NEW 55 Handballs!

Weighing in at just 55 grams (compared to the 61 grams weight of ONE and Red 21 handballs), this ball sets a new standard in versatility, catering to players of all levels and ages. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or stepping onto the court for the first time, the 55 Ball is your ultimate companion.

Engineered with precision, the 55 Ball offers a seamless blend of comfort and performance and is meant to be easy on the hands and body, without you losing your “feel” of the ball when striking it. The 55 Ball offers lively performance straight out of the can and after many matches, this ball promises enduring excitement and engagement every time you play. Don’t just take our word for it—grab the 55 Ball, feel the difference, and witness firsthand the revolution it brings to the world of handball.

  • Lively, always.
  • Long lasting, holding bounce and staying in one piece.
  • Consistent!  From ball to ball, from can to can.

USHA Members: $11.00 a can
Non-Members: $13.75 a can

Quantity Discounts are available for USHA Members who purchase:  10 Cans, 24 Cans or 60 Cans (Case).