Chatten: Bold Hair, Same Smile

Chatten Hayes, 2012 Carl Porter Award recipient and Über-Volunteer hostess is rocking a new look this week. And David loves it (and her)!  She had major surgery in early September, and doctors found ovarian cancer. She began chemo earlier this week. The surgeon expresses the discovery like this: “We threw a brick through a plate-glass window and got all the big pieces swept up, and now we are doing some “mop-up” chemo to take care of any remaining cells.” Her cancer is the type most responsive to treatment and it didn’t spread beyond her abdomen.

Chatten wants her handball family to know she feels wonderful about “Doc G’s” sense of humor and skill and the care she’s received. She and David are so grateful for the enormous support shown by friends, family, neighbors, players, colleagues and even the mailman and regulars at the coffee bar.

Chatten has this to say:

“I am grateful for my lifetime of excellent health. This was my first time in a hospital, let alone having any surgery. We joke a lot over here, go big or go home!

Chatten Hayes with hairstylist Eian and husband David Steinberg.

As for my hair, well, I think we all know how I feel about my HAIR. It’s basically the only vanity I indulge in – I will never be on the best dressed list or drive a hot car. But … my hair. When I was told I’d lose it, I decided immediately to shave my head. And we made a party out of it. My friend Eian Petry has been keeping my locks gorgeous for more than 22 years. He opened his salon last Monday (which was also his 60th birthday) to do it.  We laughed so hard my hair flew off!!!

I will continue to sport this look (while spending next to nothing for hair care – sorry, Eian) for a few months, and don’t be surprised if the Pacific Boxer team shows up in Springfield next February with a few baldies! It was discussed at a team meeting a couple of weeks ago. Solidarity, baby!

In that spirit, I will donate $50 to ovarian cancer research for every player who is shaved while playing a tournament – text or email a photo to me (503-880-4314 / with the who/whats/whens.

And the First Donor is: Sean Lenning – I’m a fan of you and your hairline! You are going to have a great WPH R48Pro season! So I count $50 in the kitty already. Oh, and maybe I should include David? Ok, $100.

I need to add that we are being very selective about where our information is coming from. David and I are limiting ourselves to information and anecdotes provided to us specifically about MY cancer from MY team. It’s enough to take in what’s right in front of us. We are asking everyone to curb kindly impulses to provide more for us to digest. We appreciate your understanding.

Lastly, I remind all you gals to PAY ATTENTION. You can find more information about the subtle and somewhat mysterious symptoms here:

My dear friends, I love you muchly and I loved Handball from the moment David introduced me. Thank you from the bottom of my hair-er-HEART, for decades of loving me back, and I’ll see you soon.” — Chatten

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