2018 USHA Wallball Nationals

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — The 11th USHA Wallball National Championships concluded on Sunday afternoon on the sunny courts at West 5th and Surf Avenue in Coney Island. (Continued below).

Men’s Pro: Kadeem Bush and Timothy Gonzalez.

Women’s Pro: Jessenia Gerate and Danielle Daskalakis.

Timothy Gonzalez kept his amazing Nationals winning streak intact, completing his third slam in the Men’s Pro Divisions.  Gonzalez (defeated Kadeem Bush 25-18 in the Pro Singles final, and later won the Pro Doubles with partner Migz Mendez over Allan Sanchez and Carlos Pena, 25-18. 

In Women’s Pro Singles action, Danielle Daskalakis successfully defended her title against Jessenia Garate, 25-20. 

In the Women’s Pro Doubles final, Biridiana Garcia and Ruby Lloyd won their second consecutive championship, defeating Daskalakis and Eifia Leander, 25-20. 

Final Wallball Results:

Pro Singles

First round: Christian Renvill d. Adam Gittlitz 5; Karl Perres d. Johnson Gonzalez 13.

Round of 16: Timbo Gonzalez d. Renvill 15; Carlos Pena d. Carlin Rosa 18; Hector Velez d. Eric Cruz 14; Ignacio Accardo d. Kenneth Hernandez 18; Kadeem Bush d. Alex Mendez 20; Migz Mendez d. Joshua Milian 18; Andres Calle d. Giovanni Vasquez 18; Tywan Cook d. Perres 14.

Quarters: Gonzalez d. Pena 15; Accardo d. Velez 14; Bush d. Mendez 10; Cook d. Calle 12.

Semis: Gonzalez d. Accardo 17; Bush d. Cook 21.

Final: Gonzalez d. Bush 18.


Pro Doubles

First round: Delbert Garnett/Paulie Yagual d. Hector Velez/Chris Show 21; Anthony Morell/Michael Rodriguez d. Andres Calle/Ignacio Accardo 11; Kadeem Bush/Joshua Milian d. Hector Oliver/Miguel Diaz 18; Allan Sanchez/Carlos Pena d. Alex Mendez/Isaac Robinson 5; Kenneth Hernandez/James Aguilera d. Mikey Mendoza/Ardit Bita 22; Mikey Angelo/Giovanoni Vasquez d. William Polanco/Yuber Castro 19; Tywan Cook/Carlin Rosa d. Francisco Lopez/Isaac Rivera 4.

Quarters: Timbo Gonzalez/Migz Mendez d. Garnett/Yagual 15; Bush/Milian d. Morell/Rodriguez 11; Sanchez/Pena d. Hernandez/Aguilera 21; Cook/Rosa d. Angelo/Vasquez 19.

Semis: Gonzalez/Mendez d. Bush/Milian ; Sanchez/Pena d. Cook/Rosa.

Final: Gonzalez/Mendez d. Sanchez/Pena 18.


Women’s Pro Singles

First round: Crystal Ruiz d. Veronica Figueroa 2; Lina Ariza d. Biridiana Garcia 13; Jessenia Garate d. Joanne Ly 0.

Semis: Danielle Daskalakis d. Ruiz 16; Garate d. Ariza 9.

Final: Daskalakis d. Garate 20.


Women’s Pro Doubles

First round: Melissa Sky/Christina Aguilera d. Veronica Figueroa/Tina Johnson 19; Danielle Daskalakis/Eifia Leander d. Desiree Torres/Crystal Ruiz 16.

Semis: Biridiana Garcia/Ruby Lloyd d. Sky/Aguilera 20; Daskalakis/Leander d. McConney/Acevedo 22.

Final: Garcia/Lloyd d. Daskalakis/Leander 20.



First round: Diego Ortega d. Chris Irons 7; Mohamad Mansi d. Michael Carrone 5; Christian Renvill d. Eric Cossio 12.

Semis: Ortega d. Johnson Gonzalez 8; Renvill d. Mansi 14.

Final: Renvill d. Ortega 21.



First round: Adam Gittlitz d. Teodoro Garcia 6; Isaac Robinson d. Matthew Marcus 6.

Quarters: Chantz Delgado d. Gittlitz 7; Michael Carrone d. Noel Rodriquez 10; Isaac Robinson d. Manuel Sanchez; Jasheed Peterson d. Robert Goffner 20.

Semis: Delgado d. Carrone 10; Robinson d. Peterson 23.

Final: Robinson d. Delgado 17.


C Final: Sanchez d. Garcia 1.


B/C Doubles

First Round: Jasheed Peterson/Perres d. Robert Goffner/Jason Samuels 12; Diego Ortega/Anthony Lugo 16.

Semis: Peterson/Perres d. Mohammad Mansi/Manuel Sanchez 19; Cory Palmer/Cory Vadala d. Ortega/Lugo, 19.

Final: Palmer/Vadala d. Peterson/Perres, def.


40+ Singles

First round: Chris Irons d. Teodoro Garcia 8.

Quarters: George Figueroa d. Irons 4; Jesus Ayala d. Darwin Lee 16; Michael Falcis d. Juanberto Martinez 18; Ray Lopez d. Jason Samuels 6.

Semis: Figueroa d. Ayala 0; Lopez d. Fazal 17.

Final: Figueroa d. Lopez, def.


40+ Doubles

Quarters: George Figueroa/Ray Lopez d. Rich Vera/David Rodriguez 8; Robert Sostre/Ervin Irrizarry  d. James Fazal/Falcis 20; Francisco Lopez/Isaac Rivera d. Herman Mendez/Eric Crespo  0; William Polanco/Yuber Castro d. Juanberto Martinez/Darwin Lee  10.

Semis: Figueroa/Lopez d. Sostre/Irrizarry 6; Polanco/Castro d. Lopez/Rivera 6.

Final: Polanco/Castro d. Figueroa/Lopez 10.


On the first day of competition, defending Women’s Pro champ Danielle Daskalakis and One-Wall Committee Member Sophia Murphy-Barnes conducted a successful Junior Clinic this afternoon with an obstacle course drill.



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