National Champions 2020

One-Wall, Brooklyn, NY
Open Singles: Tywan Cook

Collegiate Championships, University of Texas – Austin, Texas
Combined Team Open: Missouri State University
Men’s Team Open: Minnesota State University, Mankato
Women’s Team Open:  Missouri State University
Combined Team A: Pacific University
Men’s Team A: University of Minnesota
Women’s Team A:  Lake Forest College
Men’s Team B: Texas A&M University
Men’s International:  Limerick University
Open Singles: Shane Dunne
Open Doubles: Adam Walsh / David Walsh
Women’s Open: Ciana Ní Churraoin
Women’s Doubles: Fiona Tully / Meadhbh Ní D
Open Consolation:  Anthony Sullivan
Men’s A: Devin Peters
Men’s A Doubles: Naoise O’Flatharta and Nigel O’Callaghan
Men’s B: Isaiah Hong
Men’s B Doubles: Landon Le / Jordan Turnquest
Men’s C:  Andrew Christiansen
Men’s A2:  Aidan O’Flaherty
Men’s B2:  Andrew Unick
Men’s C2:  Nolan Levy
Men’s A3:  Ricardo Sanchez
Men’s B3:  Jacob Granley
Women’s Open Consolation:  Meadhbh Ni Dhalaigh
Women’s A: Kelly Curran
Women’s A Doubles: Cathy Foley/Clodagh Neville
Women’s B: Carli Feist
Women’s B Doubles:  Lauren Waters / Briley Buchanan
Women’s A2: Lauren Waters
Women’s B2: Alexandria Vargas