Al Banuet

Al Banuet

USHA Hall of Fame Induction: 1954 

Whenever there is talk of the all-time best, Al Banuet is mentioned. He won three consecutive titles, in 1929 (at the age of 19), 1930 and 1931. He also won the doubles in 1929 and 1930. 

Because Banuet was such a great athlete, a boxing promoter talked him into a short-lived boxing career, which forever banned him from AAU-sponsored handball. 

Banuet stories are legendary. Trulio said: “I’ve seen him run up a back wall to retrieve a shot. He could do things that are regarded as impossible.” 

W.O. McGeehan, sports editor of the New York Times said: “He is the greatest champion in his chosen sport I have seen. Greater than Babe Ruth in baseball, greater than Bobby Jones in golf, greater than Jack Dempsey in boxing.” 

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