How to Leave a Legacy of Handball

Planned Giving is a Win-Win for You and U.S. Handball.

Discover the benefits of leaving a gift to the United States Handball Association in your will or trust. Join our planned giving program and help us grow and promote the game of handball for future generations!

Have questions about Planned Giving to the USHA?  We are happy to connect with you to provide more information.

By making a planned gift, you are creating a lasting investment that will help preserve and grow our game. Planned gift opportunities, many of which are listed below, can range from bequests to donor advised funds. In addition to supporting U.S. Handball Association’s Mission: To Organize, Promote and Spread the Joy of Handball…The Perfect Game, a planned gift can provide substantial tax advantages, especially on gifts of stocks and real estate.

The benefits may include:

  • An income tax deduction
  • Reduced capital gains taxes
  • Reduced probate costs and estate taxes

Discover how You and the USHA benefit from Planned Gifts:  How and why to plan a gift.

Your GoalYour GiftYour MethodYour Benefit
Make a gift while leaving more of your estate to your heirsGifts of Retirement Assets (e.g., 401-K, IRA)Name us as the beneficiary of your retirement plan, and pass less- taxed assets to your heirsAvoid up to 60% income tax on your retirement assets; pass more of your estate to your heirs
Make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetimeGifts Through your Will or Trust (“Bequest”)Include a gift of cash, property, or a share or your estate through your will or trustA gift that does not affect your cash flow, and you can adjust your gift as circumstances change
Make a gift while avoiding capital gains liabilityGifts of Appreciated SecuritiesGive us appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds to sell and use the proceedsMake a significant gift; receive an immediate income tax deduction; pay no capital gains tax
Make a gift and receive a guaranteed “paycheck” for lifeCharitable Gift AnnuityDonate cash or securities in a plan where the remainder comes to us after your passingReceive higher rate of return tax-advantaged payments for life, charitable tax deduction, and avoid capital gains tax
Make a gift and receive a steady income for lifeCharitable Remainder Unitrust, Charitable Remainder Annuity TrustShare your assets with us in a plan that gives you an income for life and passes us the remainderDiversify assets, avoid or defer capital gains tax, receive charitable tax deduction, secure often greater income and possible inflation protection
Make a large gift at little costGift of Life InsuranceDonate a life insurance policy you no longer need or name us in an existing oneTake a tax deduction now; take possible future deductions through gifts to pay policy premiums
Plan a future gift in the simplest way possible.Gift the balance of your account
(POD or TOD)
Designate the balance of your bank or brokerage account, retirement plan, annuity or life insurance policy to go to us.Make an extraordinary contribution that costs you nothing now and is as simple as signing your name.
Make a gift that preserves your assets for your heirsCharitable Lead TrustUse appreciating assets to create a trust that will pay us income for a period of years, and then pass the assets back to you or your heirsShelter your growing assets and benefit us right away; reduce or eliminate gift and estate tax