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2023 WPH R48Pro #5 Red Death: Handball

Peak Racquet Center 4990 Buckhouse Ln, Missoula, MT

The R48 Heads to Missoula’s Red Death February 3-5, 2023 for stop #5 on the R48Pro Tour of 2022/23. - Missoula, MT, WPH Press- The World Players of Handball’s Race 4 Eight Tour is thrilled to host the 2023 Race 4 Eight Montana Red Death Stop, February 3-5, 2023 at the Peak Racquet Center, located at 4990 […]

2023 WPH R48Pro #6 ~ Texas State Doubles: Handball

Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA 808 Pease St., Houston, Texas

The Race 4 Eight is Back in Houston! - This is a WPH R48Pro (Men) and WPH WR48Pro Gig (Women)  - Come watch or participate in the Texas State Doubles and WPH R48Pro/WPH WR48Pro (Men's and Women's Tour stop) - February 17-19, 2023, Houston Texas, Downtown Tellepsen Family YMCA - Pro players starting as early as […]

WPH Aces R48Pro #9 Player’s Championship: Handball

Sports Mall 5445 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, Utah

WPH R48Pro Aces Player's Championship!  Season XI of the 2022/23 WPH R48Pro comes to an end w/this finale! May 5-7, 2023 at the Sports Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah - Featuring The Elite Eight Men, Women's Best and Senior 40+ Pros -   The Ace Clean-Up Crew & Touring Pros return to the Land of […]

2023 Clarkbreaker Handball Tournament

Clark Park 200 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona

The Summer Icebreaker Series is back for the fourth consecutive year with the Clarkbreaker, the season’s first event. The game’s best will battle the Tucson heat and the world’s greatest outdoor handballers at the WPH’s spectacular Clark Park 3-Wall handball mecca. Lucho Cordova has dominated the Icebreaker Series since the start of the 2022 Icebreaker […]

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