Hall of Fame Nominating Procedure

It Starts With You

The Hall of Fame Committee, headed by Mike Dau, has been working toward a standardized procedure for nominating people for induction to the USHA Handball Hall of Fame. Although each and every case must be considered individually since there are many factors considered by the committee members before they recommend a person to the Board of Directors for induction, a starting point was still needed.

With that in mind, the committee prepared a form that can be filled out by any current USHA member who would like to nominate someone for consideration for induction into the Hall of Fame. The form, as outlined below, should then be sent to Mike Dau for reading at the next Hall of Fame Committee meeting. The Committee meets at least once each year at the nationals and corresponds by mail at other times during the course of the year.

After looking over the criteria that the committee reviews when considering nominations, as well as the procedure, perhaps you’ll know someone you’d like the committee to consider. If so, fill out the form and mail it to Mike Dau, C/O Lake Forest College, 555 N. Sheridan Road, Lake Forest, III. 60045. 

Hall of Fame Criteria


A One-Wall, Three-Wall or Four-Wall player that achieved NATIONAL USHA RANKING in OPEN SINGLES or DOUBLES COMPETITION. Junior, Collegiate or Master achievement is not a consideration in the selection process.

  • Players must be a dominant singles or doubles player, over 40 years of age, in one-wall, three- or four-wall, and retired from serious Open competition for a minimum period of five years.
  • Players will be considered for their singles or doubles ability.
  • Players considered for induction must have succeeded at the Open National Championship Level.


  • The criteria for nominations as a Contributor to the game are outstanding, unselfish service to the game of handball on a national level.

Robert W. Kendler Award:

  • The criteria for nominations for the Robert W. Kendler Award are outstanding, unselfish service to the game of handball on a regional level.

Carl Porter Award:

  • The Carl Porter Award, established in 2005 to honor those who have performed outstanding service to the USHA at the national level. The award is named after the USHA’s second president, Carl Porter, who is considered the savior and architect of the modern day USHA. Considerations for this award include any positions held in the USHA, any USHA tournaments managed, material written for inclusion in USHA publications (instructional articles and stories). Also considered are if the candidate has held any USHA clinics and made any contributions or been a part of any other volunteer related activities.

Nominating Procedures

1. Any current USHA member may nominate a person for consideration for induction to the Hall of Fame.

2. A nominating form for Players may be downloaded here or obtained from the USHA national office. There is no official form for nominations to the Hall of Fame for Contributors or the Kendler Award. Nominators are simply required to submit the qualifications for their nominee in a detailed and documented fashion. All nominations must be received by the Hall of Fame Committee Chairman with supporting documentation at least 45 days prior to the annual meeting which is conducted at the national championships.

3. The documentation must include the players tournament record in singles or doubles play at every major/prestigious event, including the Juniors, Collegiates, Pro Tour, AAU, AHU, YMCA, USHA, Canadian, Irish, World, or other competition in one-, three-, or four-wall. The year and site of all semifinal or higher finishes should be indicated, as well as the other three players in the semis. The documentation for a contributor’s nomination must also be in writing, but the content is the responsibility of the nominator.

4. When a nomination is submitted to the committee, the committee will conduct a “First Reading” to determine if the nomination is worthy of recognition. If approved by a simple majority vote the nomination will advance to a second reading.

5. A “second reading” will take place at the next annual meeting following the first reading. A recommendation for induction will be made to the USHA Board of Directors when three-fourths of the committee approve the nomination at the second reading. At least eight committee members must be present at this second reading. A two year nominating moratorium is imposed on any rejected second reading.

6. Nominations for the Kendler Award are to be submitted to the Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee and will be considered at the annual meeting. A recommendation to the Board for their consideration requires a simple majority by the committee.

6. Nominations for the Carl Porter Award can e-mail to the form to handball@ushandball.org, or mail completed form to: Mike Dau, C/O Lake Forest College, 555 N. Sheridan Road, Lake Forest, Ill. 60045. 

7. The Hall of Fame Committee recommendations are sent to the USHA Board for its approval at its annual winter meeting. Hall of Fame inductees and Kendler Award recipients are then honored at the annual banquet at the national four-wall championships, or at a time and place of the inductee’s choosing.

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