Awards Nominating Forms

Help the USHA recognize the handball heroes in your community!

The USHA board of directors is looking forward to recognizing the people at the grass-roots level who are making our sport grow by honoring an Organization of the Year, Coach of the Year and Volunteer of the Year.

The awards committee will look at the nominations to see if any more information is needed and then make recommendations to the board. Recipients can be honored at the annual national handball championships or where the recipient has had the most influence. Awards may be given to more than one person each year or not at all. Coaches can be either developmental (junior) or collegiate. Organizations can be state associations, athletic clubs, YMCAs or local handball associations. Volunteers can serve in any capacity, such as tournament directors, heads of local associations or other types of ambassadors.  The new process allows for nominations to come from USHA members.

USHA Members can fill out and submit an online form HERE.  

Nominations for Organization, Coach or Volunteer of the Year must be received at USHA headquarters by Dec. 31.  USHA Members must include their name and information with the nomination.  Anonymous forms will not be accepted. 

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