WPH Aces R48Pro #8 Player’s Championship: Handball

May 5, 2023

WPH R48Pro Aces Player’s Championship!  Season XI of the 2022/23 WPH R48Pro comes to an end w/this finale! May 5-7, 2023 at the Sports Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah– Featuring The Elite Eight Men, Women’s Best and Senior 40+ ProsHandball Tournament in Salt Lake City, UT USA
The Ace Clean-Up Crew & Touring Pros return to the Land of Zion, as the 11th edition of the R48Pro concludes with the WPH Aces Players Championships. #ThePlayers will take the world’s best men & women touring pros (Plus Senior 40+), amateurs and fans on a thrilling action-packed weekend of fun …And you are invited!-Inspiring Pros: There will be a qualifier that may start on Thursday afternoon pending draw size (more than 16); otherwise Friday morning at 9am for all pros (senior/women/elite men) Prize money may increase pending draw size