WPH 2021 Race 4 Eight X Stop #1 Tucson Memorial

TUCSON — The World Players of Handball Foundation’s R48Pro X season debut will kick off November 5 at the Tucson Racquet Club in Tucson, Arizona.  All players are invited! 

This NO ENTRY FEE event (Nov. 5-7) will feature an open Pro bracket (No Qualifier), plus skilled, age division, women and junior events. ENTER HERE.

“We do not want you to pay an entry fee, but we do ask that you make a donation,” sites WPH Executive Director, Dave Vincent. “100% of all donations received will go toward junior handball development.” The World Players of Handball is a non-profit tax-exempt foundation located at: 3602, E. Fort Lowell Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85716.

All players entering the Men’s Pro bracket MUST BE current WPH AND USHA Members

The Tucson Memorial was designed by local handball players in early 2015 to honor those in our community that have left us, following the mantra:  Life is what you celebrate. Every ounce of it. Even its End.
“This is not a somber event, instead it’s a celebration of life and the sport we love most… HANDBALL!!!” exclaimed tournament director Scott Cleveland. “This year’s Memorial, we will be celebrating the lives of those that helped progress the game; members of our handball community that have left us; and every handball player from your area that made an impact on this sport.” The World Players of Handball will film and broadcast this event for Patreon supporters of the WPH: patreon.com/wphlive.

“We take a lot of pride in hosting the Tucson Memorial,” stated Vincent. “No detail is too small in preparing for this mega event, as we have a tremendous staff and an outstanding group of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure this tournament is a massive success.”

COVID Requirements at the 2021 Tucson Memorial:  If you are fully vaccinated you are not required to wear a mask indoors. If you are not fully vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask. The Tucson Racquet Club and the World Players of Handball will not require proof of vaccination from players, members, or guests. Proof of vaccinations and/or non-vaccinations will be on the honor system. All TRC employees are required to either be vaccinated or submit to being tested weekly. Both the Tucson Racquet Club and the World Players of Handball ask that you take a COVID test in the 48 hours prior to attending the 2021 Tucson Memorial.

Junior Bonus:  Junior players winning their junior bracket at the 2021 Tucson Memorial will receive a free entry into the 2021 USHA Four Wall Junior National Championships Dec 27th (also in Tucson).

WPH RACE 4 EIGHT: The World Players of Handball’s 2021/22 Race 4 Eight X will reintroduce the world to 4-Wall pro handball following a 20-month hiatus due to the pandemic. Through the first nine Race 4 Eight seasons the Race 4 Eight hosted 63 events, featuring the world’s best players from the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Ireland. SCHEDULE HERE