John C. Sabo Sr. Memorial Collegiate Scholarships

In honor of John C. Sabo Sr., a longtime supporter of handball and a state open champion in New Jersey, a college scholarship for handball players was established. The Sabo Scholarship was the very first specifically for handball and will go a long way toward continuing the education of young handball players around the country.

Eligibility: For any full-time college student who participates in USHA events, with special consideration for players from the Northeast Region. Applications will be examined, and the intent is to reward students with good academic records who demonstrate financial need.

How to Apply: Applications may be submitted by individuals, coaches or both.  Please send an essay outlining current academic status and course work, handball experience, unofficial transcripts, and how the money would help further the applicant’s education. 

Send to:  Sabo Scholarship c/o USHA, 2333 N. Tucson Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85716

Email: (Please include “Sabo Scholarship” in the Subject Line).

Deadline: December 31st of each year. 

The scholarship committee will select winners and announce them at the USHA National Collegiate Championships.

Here are all previous winners:
2020: Jonathan Gutierrez, Kouichi Saito
2019: Christina Pecaut, Esteban Camacho
2018: Julie Huestis, Chandler Straw
2017: Ricardo Palma, Juan Leo Canales
2016: Sandy Ng, Nathaniel Frank
2015: Angel Marquez, Anthony Collado
2014: Shannon Strand, Megan Heibel
2013: Matthew Chu, Robert Lee
2012: Eric Lee, Steven Zhu, Jurell Bastidas
2011: Lucas Bossung, Eric Brandman
2010: Jack Bossung, Kevin Cui, Derek Alcantar
2009: Andrew Lui, Leo Cullen, Michael Wu
2008: Ken Maldonado, Lindsey Costley
2007: Andrea Parpas, Victor LoPierre, Eric Hillgren
2006: Dutch Lowy, Bill O’Donnell, Jonathan Iglesias
2005: Zach Arem, Mike Mehilos
2004: Edie Kowalkowski, Molly Tilleson
2003: Adam Bernhard, Ivan Ruiz
2002: Roger Hill, Bill Mehilos, Alexis Cloutier
2001: Megan Mehilos, AJ Arem, Bryce Grady
2000: Bill Mehilos, Calvin Lee
1999: Jeffrey Ha, Rob Sandler
1998: Amber Rounseville, Mandy Rounseville,Tom Widner
1997: Priscilla Kojin-Shumate, James Bardwell

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