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BattleBall Spring Exhibiton

CANOGA PARK, Calif. -- Sean Lenning came away victorious at the 2021 Battleball Spring Exhibition that took place this past weekend at the West Valley Athletic Society. It was a 16 man, one day invitational with games being played to 15, win by two. Tournament directors Dylan Hernandez and Daniel Badillo are the minds behind Battleball Instagram, and have always had the goal of hosting a tournament. “We wanted to get our name out there as well as motivate players to start playing again.” said Dylan when asked how this tournament came together.

Along with Sean Lenning, the tournament was headlined by Luis Cordova, Daniel Cordova and Leo Canales. The match of the tournament came in the quarterfinals where Dylan Hernandez upset Luis Cordova in an absolute thriller that had to be decided in overtime due to the win by two rule. You can watch it HERE.

Dylan’s win over Luis led him to the semifinals where he would take on Leo Canales. The first game was dominated by Leo who was making incredible retrieves to keep the rallies going and punishing Dylan anytime he gave Leo a setup. The 2nd game was closer, but the result was the same and Leo advanced to the finals. “Leo was playing great. I was impressed with how much he has improved since the last time we played” said Dylan.

The other semifinal was between Sean Lenning and Daniel Cordova. Sean was on his game from the beginning and never let Daniel get into the match. He kept Daniel (and all his opponents) off balance with his serve and then controlled the front court to earn his trip to the finals.

Sean and Leo did not disappoint in the finals. They were hitting some of the best shots of the entire tournament. Each game was close, with Sean jumping out to early leads in both. Leo was hustling on every shot and making Sean work, while also keeping himself in striking distance of the lead. Anytime Leo got too close though Sean seemed to turn it up a notch, and ultimately put Leo away to win the tournament 15-9, 15-12. Congrats to Dylan and Daniel on running a great tournament!

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