Partnership to Save our Courts

     While our founder, Bob Kendler was instrumental with promoting handball, he also had a large hand in promoting racquetball and paddleball.  Historically, handball and racquetball players have a (mostly friendly) competition for court times at various clubs and parks.  Some have even sparred over signage, labeling them handball courts vs. "racquetball courts."

     Unfortunately, a pandemic forced us all off the courts.  During the past year, a number of facilities have either closed permanently or have repurposed their 20x40' courts for other activities.  Losing places to play means losing players for both sports.  This chain of events has motivated the leaders of the USHA and USA Racquetball to come together to strategize a plan to save the clubs and the courts. 

Mike Wedel, USA Racquetball

     Informally called the "20X40 Save the Courts Sports Alliance,” the group has met for the past six months to share information, offer support and collaborate strategies to keep clubs and courts open and available for players and tournaments when we can safely resume play. 

     During our last meeting, USAR's Executive Director Mike Wedel invited the USHA's Matt Krueger and Sam Esser to join their Facebook Live stream "Real Racquetball" to share our history and discuss our collaborative efforts.  Real Raquetball's Game 13 episode will air LIVE on Monday, February 15, at 8 p.m. (Central)

     Viewers can watch the stream live or catch the replay on Facebook HERE.


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