Hall of Fame Players

To be considered for induction, nominees must meet the following:

    Players must be retired from serious Open competition for at least five years and be over 40 years of age.
    Players will be considered for their achievements in one, three, or four-wall.
    Players will be considered for their singles or doubles ability.
    Players considered for induction must have succeeded at the Open National Championship Level.

Hall of Fame Players: 
Al Banuet, 1954
Joe Platak, 1954
Sam Atcheson, 1955
Maynard Laswell, 1955
Vic Hershkowitz, 1957
George Quam, 1959
Angelo Trulio, 1959
Frank Coyle, 1961
Gus Lewis, 1961
Robert Brady, 1965
Ken Schneider, 1965
George Brotemarkle, 1969
Jim Jacobs, 1972
Oscar Obert, 1972
John Sloan, 1976
Paul Haber, 1983
Marty Decatur, 1984
Sam Haber, 1984
Steve Sandler, 1985
Pat Kirby, 1986
Ruby Obert, 1987
Phil Collins, 1989
Lou Russo, 1990
Walter Plekan, 1991
Fred Lewis, 1993
Stuffy Singer, 1994
Rosemary Bellini, 1996
Dennis Hofflander, 1996
Naty Alvarado, 1998
Carl Obert, 1999
Bill Yambrick, 2000
Vern Roberts, 2002
Howie Eisenberg, 2003
Artie Reyer, 2003
Al Torres, 2004
Joel Wisotsky, 2004
Ken Davidoff, 2005
Wally Ulbrich, 2006
Joe Danilczyk, 2008
Dave Dohman, 2009
LeaAnn Martin, 2010
Steve August, 2011
Albert Apuzzi, 2011
Joe Durso, 2012
John Bike Jr., 2012
Anna Calderon, 2014
Mark Levine, 2014
Allison Roberts, 2014
Anna Engele Christoff, 2015
Sheila Maroshick, 2015
Harry Goldstein, 2015
Morty Alexander, 2015
Sy Alexander, 2015
Ed Maisonet, 2016


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  • Moey Orenstein was selected for the HOF in June. When will his name be added to the list? On the old web site each member of the Hall had brief bio and portrait next to his or her name. Why is that not here on the new site?

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