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2015 World Championships

3wal2014web     Aug. 11-21, 2015
      Calgary, Alberta

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2012 USHA Collegiate Championships PDF Print E-mail
Collegiate Championships: Final Results
Marty Mulkerrins of UCD won the Men's Singles Open title over Daniel Cordova of UTEP, 21-8, (12-21), 11-10.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Down 10-7, Martin Mulkerrins dug out 4 more points to win the Men's Open Collegiate title over Daniel Cordova, 21-8, (12-21), 11-10.  

Despite a slow start from Cordova, he was in command for most of the second and third games before Mulkerrins came back to win.  

University of Limerick's Catriona Casey slammed the Women's Open divisions with a singles win over Lake Forest's Maria Dugas.  

Isaac Acosta and C.J. Laffey of Lake Forest edged Missouri State's Jonathan Hingey and Jeff Streibig for the Men's Open Doubles title 21-19, 21-9.  

Lake Forest College wrapped up the Division 1 team titles on Saturday, edging Missouri State. 

Angelo State University won the Division II title and Southwestern University finished runner-up

CLICK below to see team title scores and standings:




CLICK HERE to view a photo album from the event.


The WHerreraPH broadcast team is on-site to webcast the finals.  A paid subscription will be needed for Sunday's matches. 

With teams from all over the world competing in the tournament, the 2012 Team USA shirts debuted on Thursday and were received with high praise as they flew off the shelves. CLICK HERE for a photo of the shirts and order yours by calling 1-800-BUY-USHA today! 

Click READ MORE (on the bottom of this article) to see  FINAL Results.  (NOTE:  Draws are for play-in brackets.  Order does not determine who they are playing in the next bracket.  After preliminary matches are complete, brackets in rounds of 16 will determine each division).

CLICK HERE for an informational letter from Coach Tommy Burnett.

Check out the Missouri State "Welcome" video below!

Welcome 2012 Collegiate Handball Players 
Welcome 2012 Collegiate Handball Players by Christopher Olson 

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Men’s D1 OpenAB1


First Play-in Round:  Alfredo Herrera (PU) d. Connor Bacon (MOST), 13, 12; Niall O’Connor (ITT) d. C.J. Laffey (LFC), (16), 4, 3; Ciaran Neary (DCU) d. Jeff Streibig (MOST), 12, (8), 3; Jonathan Hingey (MOST) d. Riley Kloss (LFC), 17, 11; Isaac Acosta (LFC) d. Terry McElvany (DCU), 8, 11; Daniel Cordova (UTEP) d. John Casey (SLU), 8, 13; Eric Torres (SANM) d. Brandon Manrique (UR), 13, 11; Martin Mulkerrins (UCD) d. Dustin Van Brunt (TAMU), 10, 11; Peter Hughes (DCU) d. Loren Collado (SMC), 13, 4.


Men’s D1 OpenAB2


First Play-in Round:  John Casey (SLU) d. Hector Facio (MOST), 10, 16; C.J. Laffey (LFC) d. Eric Torres (SANM), 7, 12; Stephen Contreras (DACC) d. Jeff Streibig (MOST), 18, 16; Terry McElvany (DCU) d. Michael Wu (CAL), 4, 7; Colm O’Luing (UL) d. Connor Bacon (MOST) (4), 9, 10; Riley Kloss (LFC) d. Arthur Sayad (UI), 18, 6; Dustin Van Brunt (TAMU) d. Cormac McMahon (TCD), 14, 11; Eric Matiasek (LFC) d. Loren Collado (SMC), 5, 18.


Men’s D1 OpenABC


First Play-in Round:  Hector Facio (MOST) d. Kyle Kloss (UI), (20), 16, 2; Michael Wu (CAL) d. Seth Sullivan (UT), 13, 3; Eric Matiasek (LFC) d. Julian Armendariz (MOST), 9, 13; Arthur Sayed (UI) d. Derrick Contreras (LFC), 7, 7; Cormac McMahon (TCD) d. Justin Novak (LFC), 17, 20; Stephen Contreras (DACC) d. Dan Sterrett (LFC), 11, 14; Colm O’Luing (UL) d. Simon Hanover (MSU), 13, 5.


Men’s D1 OpenA


First Play-in Round:  Isaac Acosta (LFC) d. Colm O’Luing (UL), 4, 5; Ciaran Neary (DCU) d. C.J. Laffey (LFC), 8, 11; Jonathan Hingey (MOST) d. Eric Matiasek (LFC), 16, 8; Martin Mulkerrins (UCD) d. John Casey (SLU), 0, 9; Daniel Cordova (UTEP) d. Dustin Van Brunt (TAMU), 4, 14; Riley Kloss (LFC) d. Peter Hughes (DCU), 9, 10; Niall O’Connor (ITT) d. Stephen Contreras (DACC), 4, 8; Terry McElvany (DCU) d. Alfredo Herrera (PU), (17), 12, 7.


Men’s Division 1 OPEN Singles


Quarters:  Isaac Acosta (LFC) d. Ciaran Neary (DCU), (11), 11, 0; Martin Mulkerrins (UCD) d. Jonathan Hingey (MOST), 10, 19; Daniel Cordova (UTEP) d. Riley Kloss (LFC), 12, 8; Nial O’Connor (ITT) d. Terry McElvany (DCU), 9, 9.


Semis: Mulkerrins d. Acosta, 7, 3; Cordova d. O’Connor, 14, 18. 


Final:  Mulkerrins d. Cordova, 8, (12), 10.


Men’s D1 ABC


First Play-in Round:  Derrick Contreras (LFC) d. Babalola Ajisafe (SNP), 14, (17), 1; Brandon Manrique (UR) d. Darryl Dolan (TCD), 14, 17; Julian Armendariz (MOST) d. Connor Peterson (MSU), (20), 17, 3; Simon Hanover (MSU) d. Nick Olsen (UNM), 9, 19; Justin Novak (LFC) d. George Xue (UM), 5, 18; Dan Sterrett (LFC) d. Adish Padhani (UF), 7, 20; Kyle Kloss (UI) d. Andrew Rockwell (MSU), 20, (14), 5; Geoff Douglas (LFC) d. Seth Sullivan (UT), 9, 10.


Men’s D1 AB

First Play-in Round:  Michael Wu (CAL) d. Simon Hanover (MSU), 4, 15; Jeff Streibig (MOST) d. Brandon Manrique (UR), Hector Facio (MOST) d. Derrick Contreras (LFC), 17, 9; Cormac McMahon (TCD) d. Kyle Kloss (UI), 19, 18; Julian Armendariz (MOST) d. Arthur Sayed (UI), (2), 15, 8; Loren Collado (SMC) d. Justin Novak (LFC), 10, 5; Eric Torres (SANM) d. Dan Sterrett (LFC), 9, 6; Connor Bacon (MOST) d. Geoff Douglas (LFC), 6, 4.


Men’s Division 1 A Singles


Round of 16:  Stephen Contreras (DACC) d. Connor Bacon (MOST), 18, 2; Alfredo Herrera (PU) d. Michael Wu (CAL), 17, 8; Loren Collado (SMC) d. Cormac McMahon (TCD), 9, 15; Peter Hughes (DCU) d. Hector Facio (MOST), 2, 8; Eric Torres (SANM) d. Eric Matiasek (LFC), (18), 11, 7; Dustin Van Brunt (TAMU) d. Julian Armendariz (MOST), 9, 4; Jeff Streibig (MOST) d. Colm O’Luing (UL), (18), 11, 2; John Casey (SLU) d. C.J. Laffey (LFC), 17, 15.  


Quarters:  Contreras d. Herrera, 20, 10; Hughes d. Collado, 16, 8; Torres d. Van Brunt, 12, 16; Streibig d. Casey, 16, 19.


Semis:  Hughes d. Contreras, 14, 11; Torres d. Streibig, (14), 8, 3.


Final:  Torres d. Hughes, (15), 20, 9.


Men’s D1 ABCI


First Play-in Round:  Andrew Rockwell (MSU) d. Eric Doyle (WCC), 10, 8; George Xue (UM) d. Mark Austin (MOST), 18, 3; Geoff Douglas (LFC) d. Joseph Boo (SBU), 4, 11; Babalola Ajisafe (SNP) d. Andrew Warren (TAMU), 16, 19; Adish Padhani (UF) d. Will Van Brunt (TAMU), 7, 12; Darryl Dolan (TCD) d. Jonathan Johnson (UT), 3, 7; Nick Olsen (UMN) d. Paul Dodson (MOST), 15, 20; Connor Peterson (MSU) d. Clark Creasey (LFC), 5, (11), 5. 


Men’s D1 BCIA


First Play-in Round:  Steven Zhu (SBU) d. Wes Bussler (UMN), 11, (9), 10;  John Walsh (DCU) d. Colin Hightower (UT), 1, 14; Frankie Weinberg (MOST) d. Glenn Oslin (MNSU), 17,  6; Andrew Christiansen (UMN) d. Eric Essenwein (UF), 8, 6; Brandon Bush (TAMU) d. Chis Martin (MOST), 15, 10; Sean Foley (UCD) d. Alex Lin (SBU), 20, 10; Nick Paine (UT) d. Joshua Carreto (UCI), 16, 11.



Men’s D1 BCI

First Play-in Round:  Sean Foley (UCD) d. Jonathan Johnson (UT), 13, 19; Nick Paine (UT) d. Mark Austin (MOST), 13, 4; Brandon Bush (TAMU) d. John Walsh (DCU), 9, (14), 5; Joseph Boo (SBU) d. Frankie Weinberg (MOST), 15, 18; Clark Creasey (LFC) d. Andrew Christiansen (UMN), 2, 17; Andrew Warren (TAMU) d. Eric Doyle (WCC), 14, 17; Will Van Brunt (TAMU) d. Daniel Guzman (SJSU), 7, 10.



Men’s D1 BC


First Play-in Round:  Seth Sullivan (UT) d. Joseph Boo (SBU), 10, 14; Sean Foley (UCD) d. Adish Padhani (UF), 16, (9), 8; Andrew Rockwell (MSU) d. Nick Paine (UT), 15, 18; Darryl Dolan (TCD) d. Paul Dodson (MOST), 13, 12; Babalola Ajisafe (SNP) d. Clark Creasey (LFC), 16, 20; Nick Olsen (UMN) d. Will Van Brunt (TAMU), (19), 16, 2; Andrew Warren (TAMU) d. George Xue (UM), 15, 13; Connor Peterson (MSU) d. Brandon Bush (TAMU), 2, 1;


Men’s Division 1 B Singles


Round of 16:  Dan Sterrett (LFC) d. Sean Foley (UCD), 3, 16; Babalola Ajisafe (SNP) d. Kyle Kloss (UI), 11, (9), 10; Arthur Sayed (UR) d. Conor Peterson (MSU), 16, 14; Justin Novak (LFC) d. Andrew Warren (TAMU), 10, 16; Derrick Contreras (LFC) d. Andrew Rockwell (MSU), 9, 8; Simon Hanover (MSU) d. Seth Sullivan (UT), 15, 14; Geoff Douglas (LFC) d. Darryl Dolan (TCD), 10, 16; Brandon Manrique (UR) d. Nick Olsen (UMN), 14, 11.   


Quarters:  Sterrett d. Ajisafe, 16, (14), 4; Novak d. Sayed, 11, (16), 8; Contreras d. Hanover, 15, 16; Manrique d. Douglas, (15), 2, 3.


Semis:  Sterrett d. Novak, (10), 14, 7; Manrique d. Contreras, 8, 14. 


Final:  Manrique d. Sterrett, 6, 12.


Men’s D1 CIA


First Play-in Round:  Lawrence Ly (SBU) d. Colin Hightower (UT), 8, (17), 5; Corby Makin (PU) d. Wes Bussler (UMN), 12, 20; Eric Essenwein (UF) d. John Preble (TAMU), 17, 11; Joshua Carreto (UCI) d. Bryan Boyd (UT), 9, 16; Tyler Betternhausen (UI) d. Alex Lin (SBU), 18, 11; Alan Armstrong (UCD) d. Chris Martin (MOST), 8, 3; Lorenzo Javier (SJSU) d. Glenn Oslin (MNSU), 7, 8.


Men’s D1 CI


First Play-in Round:  Alan Armstrong (UCD) d. Mark Austin (MOST), 18, 10; Andrew Christiansen (UMN) d. Lawrence Ly (SBU), 14, (17), 5; John Walsh (DCU) d. Eric Essenwein (UF), 7, 17; Corby Makin (PU) d. Frankie Weinberg (MOST), 1, 10; Michael Chu (SBU) d. Jonathan Johnson (LFC), 8, 6; Lorenzo Javier (SJSU) d. Steven Zhu (SBU), (20), 10, 4; Tyler Bettenhausen (UI) d. Daniel Guzman (SJSU), 9, 9; Joshua Carretto (UCI) d. Eric Doyle (WWU), 3, 10; Peter Johnson (UT) d. Ryan Musolf (MSU), 20, 6; Paul Dodson (MOST) d. Steven Zhu (SBU), 2, 16. 


Men’s Division 1 C Singles


Round of 16:  Tyler Bettenhausen (UI) d. Will Van Brunt (TAMU), 5, 0; Paul Dodson (MOST) d. Lorenzo Javier (SJSU), 9, 16; Andrew Christiansen (UMN) d. Brandon Bush (TAMU), 17, 10; Nick Paine (UT) d. Alan Armstrong 7, 8; George Xue (UM) d. Joshua Carrero (UCI), 14, (12), 7; Clark Creasey (LFC) d. John Walsh (DCU), 19, 15; Corby Makin (PU) d. Joseph Boo (SBU), 17, 15; Adish Padhani (UF) d. Michael Chu (SBU), 15, 7.


Quarters:  Dodson d. Bettenhausen, 6, 18; Christiansen d. Paine, (15), 15, 10; Creasey d. Xue, 14, (17), 0; Padhani d. Makin, 5, 8.


Semis:  Dodson d. Christiansen, 13, 3; Padhini d. Creasey, (12), 12, 9.


Final:  Dodson d. Padhani (7), 7, 1.


Men’s D1 IA


First Play-in Round:  John Preble (TAMU) d. Wei Zeng (SBU), 17, 10; Dustin Green (BC) d. Chris Martin (MOST), 6, 5; Thien Van (CAL) d. Wes Bussler (UMN), 15, 12; Bryan Boyd (UT) d. Matt Pingel (MSU), 14, 16; Joseph Nordahl (MNSU) d. Alex Lin (SBU), 15, 12; Michael Walker (UT) d. Glenn Oslin (MNSU), 7, (15), 2; Brandon Varner (CSM) d. Colin Hightower (UT), (19), 16, 10.


Men’s Division 1 Intermediate Singles


Round of 16:  Peter Jansen (LFC) d. Jonathan Johnson (UT), 12, 15; Thien Van (CAL) d. Eric Essenwein (UF), 8, 16; Frankie Weinberg (MOST) d. John Preble (TAMU), 9, (20), 10;Lawrence Ly (SBU) d. Brandon Varner (CSM), 17, 13; Dustin Green (BC) d. Mark Austin (MOST), 13, 15; Bryan Boyd (UT) Eric Doyle (WWU), 12, 3; Steven Zhu (SBU) d. Michael Walker (TAMU), 8, 10; Daniel Guzman (SJSU) d. Joseph Nordahl (MNSU), 10, 19. 


Quarters: Jansen d. Van, 12, 8; Ly d. Weinberg, (17), 5, 4; Green d. Boyd, (20), 14, 0; Zhu d. Guzman, 12, 12.


Semis:  Jansen d. Ly, 12, 11; Zhu d. Green, 10, 11.


Final: Jansen d. Zhu, 9, (16), 0.


Men’s D2 IABCI


First Play-in Round:  Justin Roney (PU) d. Sean Killeen (TCD), 18, 18; Wei Zeng (SBU) d. Thomas O’Rourke (CSM), 3, 2; Joseph Nordahl (MNSU) d. Jeff Cheng (SBU), 16, 11; Matthew Pringel (MSU) d. Herman Wu (SBU), (20), 14, 3; Thien Van (CAL) d. Aaron Cochrane (PU), 3, 10; Dustin Green (BC) d. Seth Clarkson (MOST), 7, 14; Brandon Varner (CSM) d. Ryan Musolf (MSU), (12), 13, 1; Peter Jansen (LFC) d. Tikhon Esaulenko (MNSU) 4, 12.   


Men’s D2 MIABC


First Play-in Round:  Wei Zeng (SBU) d. Gavin Brown (PU), 11, 2; Thien Van (CAL) d. Joseph Schnelgelber (MNST), 9, 8; Peter Jansen (LFC) d. Jared Michaels (MNST), 1, 1; Michael Walker (TAMU) d. Justin Roney (PU), 19, 17; Matt Pringel (MSU) d. Clayton Mansfield (TAMU), 2, 8; Dustin Green (BC) d. Derek Eggert (MNST), 7, 19; Brandon Varner (CSM) d. Jeremy Partl (MOST), 0, 2; Joseph Nordahl (MNSU) d. Kevin Lo (SBU), 1, 15.


Men’s Division 2 A Singles


Quarters:  Alex Lin (SBU) d. Glenn Oslin (MNSU), 15, 17; Chris Martin (MOST) d. Colin Hightower (UT), inj. def.; Wei Zeng (SBU) d. Matt Pingel (MSU), 14, 17; Wes Bussler (UMN), BYE. 


Semis:  Lin d. Martin, 16, (17), 9; Zeng d. Bussler, 8, (10), 4.


Final:  Lin d. Zeng, (13), 8, 0.


Men’s D2 BCICH


First Play-in Round:  Austin Acosta (TAMU) d. Austin Downey (PU), 7, 19; Luis Velasquez (UF) d. Joel Carlson (PU) (19), 20, 7; Donny Nguyen (UF) d. Jordan Wong (PU), 3, 11; Andrew Valenzuela (UT) d. Josh Hofleck (MNSU), 1, 1; Ben Cardiff (SU) d. Gavin Cawley (DCU), 7, 1; Ryan Schaef (CSM) d. Robert Barkley (UF), 20, 10; Joel Barber (CSM) d. Tom Werner (MNSU), 9, 12; Mark Quinn (DIT) d. Zachary Smith (TAMU), 19, (18), 1


Men’s D2 BCI


First Play-in Round:  Herman Wu (SBU) d. Ben Cardiff (SU), 17, 6; Andrew Valenzuela (UT) d. Tikhon Esaulenko (MNSU), 10, 14; Ryan Schaef (CSM) d. Ryan Musolf (MSU), (10), 11, 10; Mark Quinn (DIT) d. Seth Clarkson (MOST), 16, (7), 7; Sean Killian (TCD) d. Luis Velasquez (UF), 20, 6; Jeff Cheng (SBU) d. Austin Acosta 19, 15; Donny Nguyen (UF) d. Thomas O’Rourke (CSM), 16, 6; Joel Barber (CSM) d. Aaron Cochrane (PU), 11, 8;


Men’s D2 BC


First Play-in Round:  Jared Michaels (MNSU) d. Jeff Cheng (SBU), (16), 13, 9; Joel Barber (CSM) d. Justin Roney (PU), 10, 9; Sean Killian (TCD) d. Clayton Mansfield (TAMU), (17), 14, 3; Herman Wu (SBU) d. Derek Eggert (MNSU), (9), 7, 8; Ryan Schaef (CSM) d. Gavin Brown (PU), 13, 13; Andrew Valenzuela (UT) d. Kevin Lo (SBU), 17, 15; Joseph Schnelgelberger (MNSU) d. Mark Quinn (DIT), 9, 11; Donny Nguyen (UF) d. Jeremy Partl (MOST), 12, 7.

Men’s Division 2 B Singles

Quarters:  Andrew Valenzuela (UT) d. Joel Barber (CSM), 15, 15; Donny Nguyen (UF) d. Jerad Michels (MNSU), 15, 14; Herman Wu (SBU) d. Gavin Brown (PU), 17, (17), 9; Joseph Schnelgelberger (MNSU) d. Sean Killian (TCD), 19, (15), 4.

Semis:  Valenzuela d. Nguyen, 11, 13; Wu d. Schnelgeberger, (11), 8, 8.

Final:  Valenzuela d. Wu, 4, (11), 3.

Men’s D2 CICH

First Play-in Round:  Robert Barkley (UF) d. Clay Davenport (SASU), 13, 12; Ian Schlesinger (TAMU) d. Josh Hoflock (MNSU), 11, 10;; Joseph Kyle (SU) d. Zachary Smith (TAMU), 6, 15; Joshua Poncedeleon (LFC) d. Gavin Cawley (DCU), 6, 6; Haoran Gao (UT) d. Joel Carlson (PU), 9, (19), 2; Peter Johnson (UT) d. Joseph Wong (PU), 2, 19; Tom Werner (MNSU) d. Griffin Moore (UI), (13), 5, 7; Brendan Yuen (SYR) d. Austin Downey (PU), 12, 4; Joseph Kyle (SU) d. Zachary Smith (TAMU), 6, 15.

Men’s D2 CIABC

First Play-in Round:  John Preble (TAMU) d. Jeremy Partl (MOST), 4, 5; Corby Makin (PU) d. Michael Walker (TAMU), 16, 13; Michael Chu (SBU) d. Jarred Michels (MNSU), 10, 9; Bryan Boyd (UT) d. Derek Eggert (MNSU), 10, 15; Lorenzo Javier (SJSU) d. Joseph Schnelgelberger (MNSU), 10, 8; Alan Armstrong (UCD) d. Clayton Mansfield (TAMU), 10, 7; Tyler Betternhausen (UI) d. Kevin Lo (SBU), 7, 13; Lawrence Ly (SBU) d. Gavin Brown (PU), (4), 11, 10.

Men’s D2 CICHA

First Play-in Round:  Griffin Moore (UI) d. Ryan Gilmore (UT), 13, (3), 1; Joshua Poncedeleon (LFC) d. John Chan (SNP), 19, (13), 5; Peter Johnson (UT) d. Marko Mitkoski (MSU), 7, 8; Ian Schlesinger (UT) d. Emre Ozsoy (SASU), 9, 2; Joseph Kyle (SU) d. Rob Castelton (USU), 8, 4; Brenden Yen (SYR) d. Kendall Clark (SASU), 3, 2; Haoram Gao (UT) d. Josh DeWaters (SASU), 5, 0; Clay Davenport (SASU) d. Greg Speer (TAMU), 12, (11), 9.

Men’s D2 CI

First Play-in Round: Brendan Yuen (SYR) d. Tikhon Esaulenko (MNSU), 18, 15; Aaron Cochrane (PU) d. Joseph Kyle (SU), 18, 19; Thomas O’Rourke (CSM) d. Robert Barkley (UF), 14, (17), 1; Haoran Gao (UT) d. Ben Cardiff (SU), (8), 11, 6; Seth Clarkson (MOST) d. Austin Acosta (TAMU), 20, (18), 9; Tom Werner (MNSU) d. Ian Schlesinger (UT), 18, 20; Joshua Poncedeleon (LFC) d. Luis Velasquez (UF), (16), 10, 9.

Men’s Division 2 C Singles

Round of 16:  Jeff Cheng (SBU) d. Tom Werner (MNSU), 19, 7; Seth Clarkson (MOST) d. Justin Roney (PU), 14, 20; Peter Johnson (UT) d. Ryan Schaef (CSM), 15, 19; Clayton Mansfield (TAMU) d. Joshua Poncedeleon (LFC), 5, (10), 0; Derek Eggert (MNSU) d. Haoran Gao (UT), 15, 11; Thomas O’Rourke (CSM) d. Jeremy Partl (MOST), 8, 3; Aaron Cochrane (PU) d. Mark Quinn (DIT), (15), 10, 5; Kevin Lo (SBU) d. Brendan Yuen (SYR), (4), 13, 4. 

Quarters:  Cheng d. Clarkson, 12, 3; Johnson d. Mansfield, 15, 11; Eggert d. O’Rourke, 6, 16; Lo d. Cochrane, 5, 18.

Semis:  Cheng d. Johnson, 15, 12; Lo d. Eggert, 20, 20.

Final:  Lo d. Cheng, 16, 6. 

Men’s D2 ICHA

First Play-in Round:  Tyler Hjaltalin (WWU) d. Emre Ozsoy (SASU), 8, 2; Andrew Reynolds (SU) d. Greg Speer (TAMU), 8, 3; Austin Nyberg (UF) d. Josh DeWaters (SASU), 4, 1; Nick Reitz (UI) d. John Chan (SNP), 9, (20), 5; Marko Mitkoski (MSU) d. Jake Julius (LFC), 14, (19), 4; Matthew Lum (SYR) d. Ryan Gilmore (UT), 15, 19.


Men’s D2 ICH


First Play-in Round: Clay Davenport (SASU) d. Marko Mitkoski (MSU), 18, 19; Andrew Reynolds (SU) d. Jordon Wong (PU), 11, 6; Gavin Cawley (DCU) d. Austin Nyberg (UF), 10, (11), 9; Nick Reitz (UI) d. Joel Carlson (PU), 16, 11; Josh Hoflock (MNSU) d. Rob Castelton (USU), 17, 13; Griffin Moore (UI) d. Steven Carrera (UF), 4, 2; Austin Downey (PU) d. Tyler Hjatalin (WWU), (12), 13, 9; Matthew Lum (SYR) d. Zachary Smith (TAMU), 7, 7;


Men’s Division 2 Intermediate Singles


Round of 16:  Tikhon Esaulenko (MNSU) d. Austin Downey (PU), 4, 3; Matthew Lum (SYR) d. Joseph Kyle (SU), 11, (13), 7; Ian Schlesinger (UT) d. Clay Davenport (SASU), 6, 12; Nick Reitz (UI) d. Ben Cardiff (SU), 18, 15; Luis Velasquez (UF) d. Gavin Cawley (DCU), 15, 5; Ryan Musolf (MSU) d. Andrew Reynolds (SU), 16, (7), 6; Griffin Moore (UI) d. Austin Acosta (TAMU), 4, 12; Robert Barkley (UF) d. Josh Hoflock (MNSU), 11, 4;


Quarters:  Esaulenko d. Lum, (6), 15, 3; Reitz d. Schlesinger, 7, 13; Velasquez d. Musolf, (8), 10, 10; Moore d. Barkley, 4, 11.


Semis: Reitz d. Esaulenko, 13, 13; Moore d. Velasquez, 18, 17.


Final:  Moore d. Reitz, 8, (15), 3.


Men’s Division 2 Challengers Singles


Round of 16:  Rob Castelton (USU) d. Matt Faz (SASU), 2, 9; Kendall Clark (SASU) d. Steve Carrera (UF), 20, 6; Jordan Wong (PU) d. Greg Speer (TAMU), 7, 9; Ryan Gilmore (UT)  d. Austin Nyberg (UF), 0, 3; Joel Carlson (PU) d. John Chan (SNP), 9, 17; Emre Oszoy (SASU) d. Georo Zhou (SYR), (18), 17, 3; Zachary Smith (TAMU) d. Trenton Edwards (MNSU), 0, 0; Marko Mitkoski (MSU) d. Tyler Hjaltalin (WWU), 11, 16.


Quarters:  Castelton d. Clark, (18), 9, 10; Gilmore d. Wong, 10, 18; Carlson d. Ozsoy, 7, 0; Smith d. Mitkoski, 17, (10), 1.


Semis:  Gilmore d. Castelton, 11, 9; Carlson d. Smith, 4, 15.


Final:  Carlson d. Gilmore, 16, 12.


Men’s D3 AB


First Play-in Round: Theodore Spencer (UMN) d. Ryan Henry (SASU), 8, 6; Drew Biggerstaff (SASU) d. Stanley Wu (SYR), 1, 10; Tyler Benjamin (UF) d. Morgan Solsberry (SASU), 2, 4; Dustin Oswalt (SASU) d. Daniel Lenihan (SU), 2, 5.


Men’s Division 3 A Singles

Quarters: Tyler Benjamin (UF), BYE; Jake Julius (LFC) d. Dustin Oswalt (SASU), 2, 13; Theodore Spencer (UMN) d. Josh DeWaters (SASU), 1, 7; Drew Biggerstaff (SASU) d. Josh Martin (SU), 6, 9. 

Semis: Julius d. Benjamin, 17, 20; Spencer d. Biggerstaff, 17, 13.

Final:  Julius d. Spencer, 15, 6.

Men’s D3 ICHAB


Preliminary Play-in Round:   Joshua Martin (SU) d. Trenton Edwards (MNSU), (19), 15, 4; Steve Carrera (UF) d. Daniel Lenihan (SU), 2, 5; Jake Julius (LFC) d. Tyler Benjamin (UF), 10, 2;


First Play-in Round:  Carrera d. Ryan Henry, 5, 0; Matt Faz (SASU) d. Stanley Wu (SYR), 9, (15), 9; Austin Nyberg (UF) d. Dustin Oswalt (SASU), 12, 12; Andrew Reynolds (SU) d. Georo Zhou (SYR), 1, 3; Julius d. Morgan Solsberry (SASU), 10, 2; Nick Reitz (UI) d. Drew Biggerstaff (SASU), 4, 3; Matthew Lum (SYR) d. Martin, 1, 1; Tyler Hjatalin (WWU) d. Theodore Spencer (UMN), 14, 2.


Men’s D3 CHA1


First Play-in Round:  Rob Castleton (USU) d. Kendall Clark (SASU), 19, (11), 5; Steven Carrera (UF) d. Matt Faz (SASU), 3, 7;


Men’s D3 CHA


First Play-in Round:  Greg Spear (TAMU) d. Morgan Solsberry (SASU) 20, 3; Emre Ozsoy (SASU) d. Stanley Wu (SYR), 11, 18; John Chan (SNP) d. Dustin Oswalt (SASU), 3, 4; Georo Zhou (SYR) d. Jake Julius (LFC), 18, (14), 4; Kendall Clark (SASU) d. Theodore Spencer (UMN), 19, 13; Trenton Edwards (MNSU) d. Josh DeWaters (SASU), 1, 15; Ryan Gilmore (UT) d. Drew Biggerstaff (SASU), 1, 0; Matt Faz (SASU) d. Josh Martin (SU), (13), 19, 6.


Men’s D3 CHAB


First Play-in Round:  Trenton Edwards (MNSU) d. Daniel Lenihan (SU), 2, 9; Georo Zhou (SYR) d. Tyler Benjamin (UF), (5), 16, 7; Josh Martin (SU) d. Ryan Henry (SASU), 17, 0.


Men’s Division 3 B Singles


Semis: Morgan Solsberry (SASU) d. Daniel Lenihan (SU), 3, 10; Stanley Wu (SYR) d. Ryan Henry (SASU), 18, 1. 


Final: Solsberry d. Wu, 5, 19.


Women’s D1 OpenAB1


First Play-in Round:  Aoife McCarthy (AIT) d. Anne Fraley (MOST), 0, 0; Addison Rogers (WWU) d. Madeline Brown (MOST), 8, 7; Maria Dugas (LFC) d. Kara Smith (UMN), 5, 0; Stephanie Coleman (ITT) d. Annie Szutenbach (LFC), 5, 6; Samantha Zender (LFC) d. Kristen Hall (UF), 20, 10; Amalia DeSardi (LFC) d. Cheryl Chen (SBU), 4, 15; Lisa Loughnane (UL) d. Kathy Orovecz (UF), 1, 1; Catriona Casey (UL) d. Emily Korszen (UF), 0, 2.


Women’s D1 OpenAB2


First Play-in Round:  Ann Fraley (MOST) d. Korin Kaio-Maddox (PU), 17, 19; Kara Smith (UMN) d. Kimberly Butcher (USU), 8, (20), 9; Annie Szutenbach (LFC) d. Kim Lau (SBU), 10, 2; Maddie Hale (MSU) d. Madeline Brown (MOST), 13, 12; Alison O’Leary (WWU) d. Katie Orovecz (UF), 9, 12; Cheryl Chen (SBU) d. Jody McFarlan (MOST), 13, 14; Rebecca Michaels (UMN) d. Emily Korszen (UF), 13, 18; Kristin Hall (UF) d. Alyssa Rand (MOST), (20), 5, 2.


Women’s D1 OpenABA


First Play-in Round:  Maddie Hale (MSU) d. Rachel Fox (UI), 0, 2; Kim Lau (SBU) d. Dani Warmund (UF), 19, 11; Jody McFarlan (MOST) d. Mary Harris (MSU), 20, 18; Alyssa Rand (MOST) d. Alissa Crawford (MSU), 5, 5; Alison O’Leary (WWU) d. Jillian Gerkey (MOST), 9, 12; Rebecca Michels (UMN) d. Colleen McKay (MOST), 12, 4; Kimberly Butcher (USU) d. Jackie Philpott (PU), 13, 20; Korina Kaio-Maddox (PU) d. Robin Eastwood (UI), 6, 7.


Women’s D1 OpenA


First Play-in Round Catriona Casey (UL) d. Kara Smith (UMN), 1, 1; Amalia DeSardi (LFC) d. Ann Fraley (MOST), 1, 5; Samantha Zender (LFC) d. Maddie Hale (MSU), 8, 5; Lisa Loughnane (UL) d. Annie Szutenbach (LFC), 4, 10; Aoife McCarthy (AIT) d. Alison O’Leary (WWU), 2, 5; Addison Rogers (WWU) d. Kristin Hall (UF), 11, 13; Stephanie Coleman (ITT) d. Cheryl Chen (SBU), 4, 6; Maria Dugas (LFC) d. Rebecca Michels (UMN), 0, 1.


Women’s Division 1 OPEN Singles


Quarters: Catriona Casey (UL) d. Amalia DeSardi (LFC), 1, 0; Lisa Loughnane (UL) d. Samantha Zender (LFC), (13), 8, 10; Aoife McCarthy (AIT) d. Addison Rogers (WWU), 2, 4; Maria Dugas (LFC) d. Stephanie Coleman (ITT), 5, 5.


Semis:  Casey d. Loughnane, 1, 4; Dugas d. McCarthy, 8, 8.


Final:  Casey d. Dugas, 1, 0.


Women’s D1 ABAB


First Play-in Round:  Jamie Duckman (UI) d. Kelsey Haeger (MOST), 7, 3; Halee Doyle (MSU) d. Elizabeth Winberg (UMN), 12, (11), 3; Kristina Rude (UMN) d. Jeri Jessop (CSM), 1, 1; Kimberly Okaneku (PU) d. Michaela Stranski (UI), 20, (6), 1; Lindsay Mortland (MNSU) Camila Quinteros (LFC), 16, (14), 8; Danielle Palmer (MSU) d. Jessica Bohlken (UMN), 8, 4; Aimee Fadden (LFC) d. Mary Smith (MOST), 5, 0; Amia Kane (WWU) d. Shekema McCarthy (PU), 10, 14.


Women’s D1 ABA


First Play-in Round:  Colleen McKay (MOST) d. Halee Doyle (MSU), 14, 13; Mary Harris (MSU) d. Lindsay Mortland (MNSU), 3, 3; Danielle Palmer (MSU) d. Jillian Gerkey (MOST), 10, (18), 4; Amia Kane (WWU) d. Jackie Philpott (PU), 10, 5; Kristina Rude (UMN) d. Alissa Crawford (MSU), 16, 0; Kim Okaneku (PU) d. Rachel Fox (UI), 10, 9; Aimee Fadden (LFC) d. Robin Eastwood (UI), 12, 4; Dani Warmund (UF) d. Jamie Duckman (UI), 2, 4;


Women’s D1AB


First Play-in Round:  Amie Kane (WWU) d. Emily Korzen (UF), 8, 13; Jody McFarlan (MOST) d. Dani Warmund (UF), 17, (18), 6; Kim Okaneku (PU) d. Katie Orovecz (UF), 20, 9; Alyssa Rand (UMN) d. Aimee Fadden (LFC), 8, 11; Madeline Brown (MOST) d. Kristina Rude (UMN), 18, 7; Danielle Palmer (MSU) d. Korina Kaio-Maddox (PU), 4, 9; Mary Harris (MSU) d. Kim Butcher (USU), 16, (9), 10; Kim Lau (SBU) d. Colleen McKay (MOST), 9, 9.


Women’s Division 1 A Singles


Round of 16: Cheryl Chen (SBU) d. Danielle Palmer (MSU), 8, 11; Rebecca Michels (UMN) d. Amie Kane (WWU), 15, 16; Alison O’Leary (WWU) d. Alyssa Rand (MOST), 16, 4; Kristin Hall (UF) d. Kim Okaneku (PU), 2, 17; Jody McFarlan (MOST) d. Maddie Hale (MSU), inj. def.; Annie Szutenbach (LFC) d. Maddie Brown (MOST), 4, 18; Kara Smith (UMN) d. Kim Lau 4, (20), 0; Mary Harris (MSU) d. Anne Fraley (MOST), 14, 2.


Quarters: Chen d. Michels, 19, 10; Hall d. O’Leary, 9, 17; Szutenbach d. McFarlan, 7, 5; Smith d. Harris, 5, 9. 


Semis:  Hall d. Chen, 17, 7; Szutenbach d. Smith, 10, 9.


Final:  Hall d. Szutenbach, 16, 3.


Women’s D1 BAB


First Play-in Round:  Jordan Bodily (PU) d. Mary Smith (MOST), 8, 11; Shekema McCarthy (PU) d. Ashley Emmons (MOST), 1, 1; Kelsey Hargee (MOST) d. Danielle Preston (MNSU), 6, 14; Katie Van Cardo (MOST) d. Elizabeth Winberg (UMN), (13), 7, 10; Brittany Gamble (MOST) d. Camila Quinteros (LFC), 6, 4; Amy Gross (UT) d. Jessica Bohlken (UMN), (15), 5, 4; Michaela Stranski (UI) d. Caitlan Dowd (SBU), 7, 13; Brooke Perkins (LFC) d. Jeri Jessop (CSM), 13, 13.


Women’s D1 BA


First Play-in Round:  Haylee Doyle (MSU) d. Shakema McCarthy (PU), 10, 18; Kelsey Hargee (MOST) d. Lindsay Mortland (MNSU), (16), 17, 0; Michaela Stranski (UI) d. Jillian Gerkey (MOST), 5, 14; Jordan Bodily (PU) d. Alissa Crawford (MSU), 16, 15; Brooke Perkins (LFC) d. Robin Eastwood (UI), (13), 6, 5; Amy Gross (UT) d. Rachel Fox (UI), 17, 10; Jamie Duckman (UI) d. Brittney Gamble (MOST), 15, 8; Jackie Philpott (PU) d. Katie Can Cardo (MOST), 1, 12.


Women’s Division 1 B Singles


Round of 16:  Kim Butcher (USU) d. Kelsey Haeger (MOST), 5, 4; Halee Doyle (MSU) d. Jamie Duckman (UI), 14, (9), 5; Jordan Bodily (PU) d. Aimee Fadden (LFC), 20, (2), 2; Michaela Stranski (UI) d. Korin Kaio-Maddox (PU), 17, 8; Amy Gross (UT) d. Katie Orovecz (UF), 19, 18; Emily Korszen (UF) d. Jackie Philpott (PU), Kristen Rude (UMN) d. Brooke Perkins (LFC), 4, 5; Dani Warmund (UF) d. Colleen McKay (MOST) 20, 12.


Quarters:  Butcher d. Doyle, 5, 2; Stranski d. Bodily, 12, 13; Korszen d. Gross, (11), 8, 6; Rude d. Warmund, 3, 11. 


Semifinals:  Butcher d. Stranski, 15, 8. Rude d. Korszen, 14, 19.


Final:  Rude d. Butcher, (11), 15, 6. 


Women’s D2 ABC


First Play-in Round:  Aleks Petrovic (LFC) d. Tricia Clifford (MNSU), (11), 4, 4; Leann Lariosa (PU) d. Shavaughn Brathwaite (SASU), 1, 5; Alexandria Westin (UI) d. Andrea Lane (MOST), 2, 9; Colleen Hosman (LFC) d. Samantha Kitchen (PU), 15, 17; Benette Valdillez (PCC) d. Jessica Dimas (UT), (19), 20, 9; Stacey Stradley (USU) d. Grace Mullins (LFC), 4, 8; Tara Niemann (SASU) d. Miranda Dashut (UI), 1, 2; Alisha Shah (PU) d. Regina Kim (CAL), 14, 14.


Women’s D2 ABCI


First Play-in Round:  Colleen Hosman (LFC) d. Kaycee Glattke (UF), 18, 4; Tara Niemann (SASU) d. Ana Murphy (UF), 1, 2; Benette Valdillez (PCC) d. Shanice Brathwaite (SASU), 2, 1; Stacey Stradley (USU) d. Jessica Knudsen (UMN), 8, 12; Alexandria Weston (UI) d. Caitlin Shetterly (LFC), 13, 17; Shavaughn Brathwaite (SASU) d. Sabrina Park (CAL), 17, 12.


Women’s D2 AB


First Play-in Round:  Camila Quinteros (LFC) d. Alisha Shah (PU), 4, 11; Benette Valdillez (PCC) d. Danielle Preston (MNSU), 1, 2; Tara Nieman (SASU) d. Elizabeth Winberg (UMN), 8, 2; Jessica Bohlken (UMN) d. Colleen Hosman (LFC), 5, 4;  Caitlin Dowd (SBU) d. Allie Weston (UI), 0, 0; Leann Lariosa (PU) d. Mary Smith (MOST), 11, (8), 1; Ashley Emmons (MOST) d. Aleks Petrovic (LFC), 0, (4), 0; Stacey Stradley (USU) d. Jeri Jessop (CSM), 4, 8.


Women’s Division 2 A Singles


Round of 16:  Shakema McCarthy (PU) d. Brittany Gamble (MOST), 9, (12), 0; Tara Niemann (SASU) d. Kate Van Cardo (MOST), 5, (20), 9; Stacey Stradley (USU) d. Robin Eastwood (UI), 5, 4; Jessica Bohlken (UMN) d. Rachel Fox (UI), 5, 12; Caitlin Dowd (SBU) d. Jillian Gerkey (MOST), 7, 9; Leann Lariosa (PU) d. Alissa Crawford (MSU), (9), 16, 5; Camila Quinteros (LFC) d. Ashley Emmons (MOST), 7, 3; Benette Valdillez (PCC) d. Lindsay Mortland (MNSU), 11, 7.


Quarters: Niemann d. McCarthy, (7), 15, 5; Bohlken d. Stradley, 15, 13; Dowd d. Lariosa, 9, 9; Valdillez d. Quinteros, 3, 10.


Semis:  Niemann d. Bohlken, 8, 3; Valdillez d. Dowd, 3, 13.


Final:  Niemann d. Valdillez, 17, 12.


Women’s D2 BCI


First Play-in Round:  Kaycee Glattke (UF) d. Tricia Clifford (MNSU), 11, 11; Ana Murphy (UF) d. Shanice Brathwaite (SASU), 12, 8; Caitlin Shetterly (LFC) d. Sabrina Park (CAL), 9, 5; Jessica Knudsen (UMN) d. Vanessa Varughese (SASU), 3, 0.


Women’s D2 BC


Preliminary Play-in Round:  Samantha Kitchen (PU) d. Ana Murphy (UF), 7, (15), 0; Jessica Dimas (UT) d. Kaycee Glattke (UF), 0, 6; Jessica Knudsen (UMN) d. Andrea Kane (MOST), 1, 2.


First Play-in Round:  Dimas d. Caitlin Shetterly (LFC), 0, 6;  Knudsen d. Shavaughn Brathwaite (SASU), 1, 2; Grace Mullins (LFC) d. Regina Kim (CAL), 0, 3; Kitchen d. Miranda Dashut (UI), 2, (15), 0. 


Women’s D2 BABC


First Play-in Round:  Jordan Bodily (PU) d. Grace Mullins (LFC), 8, 3; Amy Gross (UT) d. Andrea Lane (MOST), 0, 1; Katie Van Cardo (MOST) d. Tricia Clifford (MNSU), 1, 0; Ashely Emmons (MOST) d. Miranda Dashut (UI), 14, (10), 9; Danielle Preston (MNSU) d .Samantha Kitchen (PU), (9), 8, 5; Brittney Gamble (MOST) d. Jessica Dimas (UT), 13, 3; Brooke Perkins (LFC) d. Leann Lariosa (PU), 20, (4), 10; Caitlin Dowd (SBU) d. Alisha Shah (PU), 2, (10), 1. 


Women’s Division 2 B Singles


Preliminary Round:  Jessica Dimas (UT) d. Aleks Petrovic (LFC), 7, 7; Mary Smith (MOST) d. Jessica Knudsen (UMN), 16, 8; Grace Mullins (LFC) d. Jeri Jessop (CSM), 8, (18), 3; Elizabeth Winberg (UMN) d. Samantha Kitchen (PU), 2, 8.


Quarters: Dimas d. Colleen Hosman (LFC), 14, 14; Knudsen d. Allie Weston (UI), 13, 12; Mullins d. Danielle Preston (MNSU), 8, 2; Winberg d. Alisha Shah (PU), 9, 14. 


Semis:  Knudsen d. Dimas, 17, 20; Mullins d. Winberg, 10, 18. 


Final:  Knudsen d. Mullins, (5), 13, 1.


Women’s D2 IABC1


First Play-in Round:  Regina Kim (CAL) d. Vanessa Varughese (SASU), 0, 1;


Women’s D2 CI1


First Play-in Round:  Sabrina Park (CAL) d. Shaniece Brathwaite (SASU), 11, 9; Tricia Clifford (MNSU) d. Vanessa Carughese (SASU), 5, 3. 


Women’s Division 2 C Singles


Preliminary Round: Sabrina Park (CAL) d. Tricia Clifford (MNSU), 1, 1.


Quarters:  Ana Murphy (UF) d. Park, 16, 4; Shavaghn Brathwaite (SASU) d. Caitlin Shetterly (LFC), 2, 15; Miranda Dashut (UI) d. Kaycee Glattke (UF), 18, (6), 2; Regina Kim (CAL) d. Andrea Lane (MOST), 2, 9.


Semis:  Murphy d. Brathwaite, 1, 12; Kim d. Dashut, 2, 9.


Final: Murphy d. Kim, (19), 12, 4.


Women’s Division 2 Intermediate Singles


Preliminary Round:  Andrea Lane (MOST) d. Tricia Clifford (MNSU), 3, 19; Sabrina Park (CAL) d. Vanessa Varughese (SASU), 6, 13; Kaycee Glattke (UF) d. Shaniece Brathwaite (SASU), 10, 11.


Semis:  Park d. Glattke, 20, 19;  Caitlan Shatterly (LFC) d. Lane, 13, 18.


Final:  Park d. Shatterly, (5), 19, 10. 


Men’s Open Doubles


First Round:  Darryl Dolan/ Cormac McMahon (TCD) d. Clark Creasey/ Justin Novak (LFC), 12, 10; Derrick Contreras/ Dan Sterrett (LFC) d. Kyle Kloss/ Arthur Sayed (UI), (18), 14, 3; Riley Kloss/ Eric Matiasek (LFC) d. Stephanie Coleman/ Niall O’Connor (ITT), inj. def.


Quarters:  Isaac Acosta/ C.J. Laffey (LFC) d. Dolan/ McMahon, (11), 8, 0; Martin Mulkerrins/ Sean Foley UCD) d. Connor Bacon/ Hector Facio (MOST), (14), 9, 3; Peter Hughes/ Ciaran Neary (DCU) d. Contreras/ Sterrett, 5, 14; Jonathan Hingey/ Jeff Streibig (MOST) d. Kloss/ Matiasek, 19, 11.


Semis:  Acosta/ Laffey d. Mulkerrins/ Foley, 20, (20), 7; Hingey/ Streibig d. Hughes/ Neary, (18), 14, 5. 


Final:  Acosta/ Laffey d. Hingey/ Streibig, 19, 9.


Men’s B Doubles


Preliminary Round:  Clayton Mansfield/ John Preble (TAMU) d. Jerad Michels /Joseph Schnelgelberger (MNSU), 20, 19; Wes Bussler/ Nick Olsen (UMN) d. Matthew Lum/ Brandon Yuen (SYR), 7, 5; Joseph Boo/ Alex Lin (SBU) d. Joshua Poncedeleon/ Jake Julius (LFC), 3, 3; Steven Zhu/ Michael Chu (SBU) d. Thomas O’Rourke/ Joel Barber (CSM), 17, 9; Derek Eggert/ Josh Hoflock (MNSU) d. Austin Downey/ Joel Carlson (PU), 11, (20), 8; Gavin Brown/ Aaron Cochrane (PU) d. Brandon Varner/ Ryan Schaef (CSM), 13, 11; Kevin Lo/ Lawrence Li (SBU) d. Chris Martin/ Jeremy Partl (MOST), 7, 8; Will Van Brunt/ Michael Walker (TAMU) d. Stanley Wu/ Georo Zhou (SYR), 2, 1; Babalola Ajisafe/ John Chan (SNP) d. Austin Acosta/ Zachary Smith (TAMU), 3, 5; Andrew Valenzuela/ Bryan Boyd (UT) d. Daniel Guzman/ Lorenzo Javier (SJSU), 8, 12; Tyler Bettenhausen/ Nick Reitz (UI) d. Corby Makin/ Justin Roney (PU), 14, 7.


Round of 16:  Paul Dodson/ Frankie Weinberg (MOST) d. Mansfield/ Preble, 8, 13; Bussler/Olsen d. Boo/ Lin, 11, 17; Jon Johnson/ Nick Paine (UT) d. Zhu/ Chu, 16, (20), 10; Andrew Warren/ Brandon Bush (TAMU) d. Eggert/ Hoflock, 6, 14; Brown/ Cochrane d. Mark Austin/ Seth Clarkson (MOST), (20), 16, 5; Van Brunt/ Waker d. Lo/ Li, (18), 19, 7; Ajisafe/ Chen d. Valenzuela/ Boyd, 17, 20; Geoff Douglass/ Peter Jansen (LFC) d. Bettenhaus/ Reitz, 3, 7.


Quarters:  Bussler/ Olsen d. Dodson/ Weinberg, 12, 6; Johnson/ Paine d. Bush/ Warren, 16, (20), 10; Brown/ Cochrane d. Van Brunt/ Walker (TAMU), 5, 14; Douglas/ Jansen d. Ajisafe/ Chen, 5, (13), 4.


Semis:  Bussler/ Olsen d. Johnson/Paine, 5, 9; Douglas/ Jansen d. Brown/ Cochrane, 6, 1.


Final:  Douglas/ Jansen d. Bussler/ Olsen, 17, 13.


Women’s Open Doubles Round Robin


Day One:  Catriona Casey/ Lisa Loughnane (PU) d. Madeline Brown/ Alyssa Rand (MOST), 1, 3; Amalia Desardi/ Maria Dugas (LFC) d. Annie Szutenbach/ Samantha Zender (LFC) , 1, 4.


Day Two:  Casey/ Loughnane d. Szutenbach/ Zender, 0, 2; Desardi/ Dugas d. Brown/ Rand, 1, 1.


Day Three:  Casey/ Loughnane d. Desardi/ Dugas, 1, 3; Szutenbach/ Zender d. Brown/ Rand, 9, (18), 1. 


First:  Casey/ Loughnane

Second:  Desardi/ Dugas


Women’s B Doubles


Preliminary Round:  Jessica Bohlken/ Elizabeth Winberg (UMN) d. Colleen Hosman/ Caitlin Shatterly (LFC), 0, 2; Kimberly Butcher/ Stacey Stradley (USU) d. Miranda Dashut/ Allie Weston (UI), 14, 8; Aimee Fadden/ Camila Quinteros (LFC) d. Ashley Emmons/ Andrea Lane (MOST), 0, 0; Jessica Dimas/ Amy Gross (UT) d. Kelsey Haeger/ Mary Smith (MOST), 12, 17; Rachel Fox/ Michaela Stronski (UI) d. Jordan Bodily/ Shekema McCarthy (PU), (10), 5, 5; Brittany Gamble/ Katie Van Cardo (MOST) d. Grace Mullins/ Brooke Perkins (LFC), 13, 9.


Round of 16:  Anne Fraley/ Colleen McKay (MOST) d. Bohlken/ Winberg, 19, 4; Alissa Crawford/ Danielle Palmer (MSU) d. Robin Eastwood/ Jamie Duckman (UI), 20, 19; Butcher/ Stradley d. Amia Kane/ Alison O’Leary (WWU), (19), 17, 9; Fadden/ Quinteros d. Korina Kaio-Maddox/ Kim Okaneku (PU), 3, 18; Rebecca Michels/ Kara Smith (UMN) d. Dimas/ Gross, 1, 15; Maddie Hale/ Mary Harris (MSU) d. Fox/ Stranski, 15, 12; Jillian Gerkey/ Jody McFarlan (MOST) d. Lindsay Mortland/ Danielle Preston (MNSU), 2, 0; Cheryl Chen/ Kim Lau (SBU) d. Gamble/ Van Cardo, 4, 6.


Quarters:  Fraley/ McKay d. Crawford/ Palmer, (14), 16, 4; Butcher/ Stradley d. Fadden/ Quinteros, 8, 5; Michels/ Smith d. Hale/ Harris, inj. def.; Chen/ Lau d. Gerkey/ McFarlan, 6, 13. 


Semis:  Fraley/ McKay d. Butcher/ Stradley, default; Michels/ Smith d. Chen/ Lau, (12), 12, 10.


Final:  Michels/ Smith d. Fraley/ McKay, 8, 15.

Rebecca Michels (University of Minnesota) stays focused on the ball in her women's A match. Michels will face Cheryl Chen (Stonybrook) on Saturday morning in the quarterfinals.

Clark Creasey of Lake Forest follows a ball off the back wall against University of Minnesota's Drew Christiansen.  Creasey won the Thursday afternoon match, 21-2, 21-17.  
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