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First Ace Grants PDF Print E-mail

The USHA is soliciting First Ace Development Grant proposals for funding new and continuing junior and collegiate handball projects. 

The guidelines incorporate experience gained since the Development Grant program's inception making them more user friendly.

Read more for the USHA First Ace Grant Guidelines and formats.

Request for First Ace® Grant Proposals, 2015

In our mission to Organize, Promote, and Spread the Joy of Handball, the Perfect Game, the USHA is soliciting proposals for funding new and continuing junior and collegiate handball projects.  Any qualified program (USHA Level One or above Certified Instructor, director of a recognized youth service organization or school educator) interested in starting and maintaining a program may submit a proposal subject to the procedures outlined in this guideline. Awards are based on availability of funds.  Eye guards are required for all programs.

You must follow the guidelines carefully to be considered for funding.  Incomplete proposals not following the guidelines or received after the deadline will not be considered.  The USHA funds projects that promote the Development of Handball. The grants will be awarded based upon a vote of the development committee, approved by the USHA Board of Directors.  Programs may be organized within school instruction, after-school programs, community, club, YMCA, or Boys & Girls Club programs.  Due to the limitations of funding, the USHA is not in a position to fund the building of facilities. Special preference is given to programs receiving matching funds.

There are two categories of USHA grants:

  • A.  Annual First Ace Grants:  Annual grants are available for two types of programs: Beginning and Intermediate Programs.  These grants provide funding for instructional staffing, facility usage, and limited administration costs.  Annual Developmental Program Grant Proposals must be received by 20 December each year.  If you are interested in applying for an Annual Developmental Program Grant, see Part I and complete the proposal form provided.
  • B.  Specific Purpose Grants:  Tournament, Travel, and Equipment Grants can be submitted for at any time and are intended to support Developmental Programs and Schools and other opportunities.  If you are interested in applying for a Specific Purpose Grant, see Part II and complete the proposal form provided.

PART 1: USHA Annual First Ace® Grants

Annual First Ace Grants are available for new and continuing junior and collegiate handball programs. These programs require the submission of grant proposals no later than December 20, 2014 and ultimate approval by the USHA Board of Directors in mid-January. For the most part, annual program grants are funded for instructional staffing, facility usage, and limited administration costs. The annual grants can be supplemented with Specific Purpose Grants for equipment, tournaments, and travel as outlined in the next section.

  • a) Beginning Programs are defined as programs seeking to introduce new junior and collegiate players to handball for the first time for the purpose of developing the most basic of handball skills. These programs will receive first priority for available funding.
  • b) Intermediate Programs are defined as programs seeking to continue to develop junior and collegiate players who have already acquired basic handball skills as the result of participation in a Beginning Program or, have independently acquired these skills through some other exposure to the sport. Once established, an Intermediate Program is expected to actively seek partial alternative funding for follow-on years.
  • c) It is possible to have a handball program that is both Beginning and Intermediate in which case priority funding would be for the Beginning players.

  • Mid-year progress report: 
    Annual programs are funded 50% at the start of the program with the remainder of the funding contingent on a satisfactory mid-year progress report. The mid-year progress report must include a list of the names of players, with contact information, involved and documentation (time cards, receipts or letters) of costs actually incurred.

    Year-end summary report:  A report at the conclusion of the year must be written to the USHA Board of Directors describing program accomplishments. This report will summarize any Specific Purpose Grants received and highlight any local press coverage or other publicity that your program received. If a grant is being requested for the following year, the year-end summary report must be submitted with the grant proposal.

Guidelines for all USHA Annual First Ace® Grants 

No cover pages, please. You may attach a maximum of one page of additional information at the end of your proposal. Photographs and videos are welcome, but will not be returned.  Download an Annual First Ace Grant Form HERE (pdf). 

  1. Your name and your program’s title and type (Beginning, Intermediate, or both).  Also include assistant(s) name(s) if you are receiving help from anyone. 
  2. Your qualifications for heading this effort, and the qualifications of any other supporters of your program to include prior experience with youth programs?
  3. Ages of participants.
  4. Number of participants (Beginning and/or Intermediate).
  5. Where will your program take place (specific location(s) and type of facility).
  6. What USHA grants (amounts and years) were previously recorded?
  • I.    Is other funding available?  If yes, please describe.  
  • II.   Describe how you will recruit or choose students for your program.
  • III.  Attach a time line of your program, including from/to dates and what times will organized instruction be scheduled (example: Saturdays and Sundays from 2 PM - 4 PM).
  • IV.  Include as a reference at least three local USHA members.
  • V.   Budget:
    • a.  Staffing costs: USHA “certified” instructors are funded at a maximum of $10 per hour per USHA certified instructor per twelve players enrolled with a limit of twenty hours of such paid instruction per month. Use these guidelines and the following formula to estimate staffing costs. Show figures used and calculation on the line below the formula. Number of “USHA Certified” Instructors ‘x’ anticipated hours ‘x’ $10 = Staffing Budget
    • b.  Administration costs:
    • c.  Court / facility costs using the following guidelines and formula.
    • i.  Guest fees (maximum of $10 per player per visit):  Number of players ‘x’ Estimated number of visits ‘x’ Estimated fees = Estimated facility costs
    • ii. Membership dues (maximum of $15 per player per month) Number of players ‘x’ Number of months ‘x’ Estimated dues = Estimated membership dues
    • iii. Any combination of guest and/or membership fees will be capped at $150 per player per year.  A letter from the facility indicating the guest and/or membership fees collected and terms will be required with the year-end report.

      Note: The $150 per player for facility access is a one time only benefit. Players associated with programs that run for more than one year are expected to fund their own facility access costs after the first year.

    • d.  Total requested funding (10a + 10b + 10c)

Please follow the guidelines in your proposal.  Proposals that do not follow the guidelines or are incomplete will be returned.  Please get your grant proposals in early!

Thank you for your time and interest in youth handball.

Any questions?  Contact: Vern Roberts or Matt Krueger (520) 795-0434

Deadline: December 20, 2014.
Proposals received after the deadline will be returned unopened.

Send complete Annual First Ace Grant Proposals to:

Attn: Annual First Ace Grants
2333 N. Tucson Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716


PART II: First Ace® Specific Purpose Grants Proposals

All First Ace Specific Purpose Grants will subscribe to the following format and directions.

The following First Ace Specific Purpose Grants may be applied for at any time by a “qualified” program or tournament director and are subject to the approval of the USHA Development Fund Sub-Committee.  Click on the appropriate Specific Purpose Grant to download a form (pdf).  Please fax to (520)795-0465 or mail forms to:

Attn: Specific Purpose Grants
2333 N. Tucson Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716

  1. If approved 10 days prior to the start of the event,
  2. After the event has occurred, at the rate of $10 per USHA player (23 and under and full time college students) for tournaments or $25 per hour per certified instructor for clinics up to a maximum of $150
  3. This funding will be in addition to the annual program funding. Receipts will be required. 
  • b)  Wafe Risner Travel Grant:  USHA will fund Junior or Collegiate Programs for travel to USHA Sanctioned or Sponsored events (see UPDATE):
  1. If approved 10 days prior to the start of the event 
  2. After the travel has occurred
  3. At the rate $20 per player up to a maximum of $300 to any USHA Sanctioned or sponsored event.  The travel grant will not exceed $300.    
  4. This funding will be in addition to the annual program funding. 
  5. Programs with players eligible for Joe Ardito Travel Funds are not eligible to apply for Wafe Risner Travel Grants to the same event.  (Due to the extreme popularity of Wafe Risner Travel Grants, each program is capped at $500 maximum total for Travel Grants funded each calendar year).  
  • c)  Equipment Grant:  These grants are available for the Annual Beginning Programs as well as any program of opportunity to develop new handball players.  It is intended that these grants will enable qualified coaches and instructors to take immediate advantage of any emerging local interest in handball at any time. Upon request by a “qualified” person, equipment will be provided at the maximum rate of $15 per new player.  For Beginning Programs, this funding will be in addition to the annual program funding.  It is again emphasized that eye guards are mandatory for all programs. 

    Note:  Additional equipment beyond the maximum cited above and replacement equipment for Intermediate Programs is available at reduced prices through the USHA's First Ace Fund. 

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Thank you for your interest in spreading the joy of Handball, the Perfect Game.  Any questions?  Contact: Vern Robers or Matt Krueger (520)795-0434.

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