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USHA JR 4-Wall Natls

National Juniors Chairman Don Quinlan and the Lattof Y Welcomes Junior Handballers to this year's Junior 4-Wall Nationals!
jr4wallDec. 26-30, 2015
Des Plaines, IL
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Opinion: Seriously...Tag Team Doubles?
One of the many highlights of the 2015 World Handball Championships in Calgary were the outstanding performances of Women's & Men's Singles champions Aisling Reilly and Paul Brady.

    There are good precedents, and then, there are bad precedents.   Paul Brady’s unprecedented fifth consecutive World Title will stand for a very long time, and he may be the only person to ever challenge it.  That is, if he changes his mind and decides to come back for a sixth in 2018.  That win and Aisling Reilly’s repeat in Women’s Four-Wall should have been the biggest news from the championships.  But the Herculean effort of the hosts and the play of Brady and Reilly aren’t the first things on most folks’ minds when they ask “what happened?”

According to World Handball Council Policy, “The Host Committee is responsible for all aspects of organizing and running the Championships within the parameters established by this policy."  Thus, different countries have used different balls, formats, age and skill level eligibilities, and even slightly different rules.

There are some precedents that shouldn’t be repeated.

•    In Canada (2015), the Wall Ball events were played with optional eyeguards.  Also, some players took advantage of the opportunity to compete in four events in one-wall or four-wall since the R2 software can’t handle the limitation of two in one- and two in four-wall.  As a result, it became a scheduling nightmare.  
•    In Ireland (2012), the court time was so overrun that the scheduling was days off what international attendees had been told they needed to be available to play.  Some players never got to play their intended event.  Some players stayed through the first round and then left, leaving their partner without a partner.  The Host committee allowed players to pick up a new partner or two after winning a round or two with someone else.

Hopefully, good ones are repeated and bad ones are not.  This year’s decision by the World Handball Council President to overrule the Host was bad on two counts.  The decision reversed the Host’s ruling to not allow a player substitution after a round had been played (won).  This one can’t be repeated unless the World Council wants to run and administer any future World Championship.   

The situation was a little murkier than that but not much…Paul Brady and Michael Finnegan were the Irish representatives in Men’s Open Doubles and won their first round of play.  Brady defeated Charlie Shanks in the quarterfinal round of singles and wasn’t up to playing the quarterfinal round of doubles.  The Hosts were told there was a precedent to allow a substitution.  After getting more feedback during the course of the match as word spread, the Hosts decided to allow the match to finish and inform the players of the match being played under protest.  After more deliberation, the Hosts posted the match on R2 as a default early the next morning.  As the day wore on and the semifinal doubles match was about to be played, the Hosts were overruled and Shanks/Finnegan stepped onto the court. 

No present or former World Handball Council member contacted was aware of a Host being overruled at any other championship.  If handball is to be taken seriously, “tag-team doubles,” especially at the highest level in the World Championships, this precedent cannot be repeated.  And, if the World Handball Council wants someone to run its tournament, it will let them run the best tournament they can put together in return for the sanctioning fee paid to the Council.


2015 World Handball Championships

brady_wins_fifth_and_says_that_is_itCALGARY, Alberta --  Paul Brady posted his name into the record books with an exclamation point on Friday, making quick work of Killian Carroll to win his Fifth Consecutive World Singles title.  Afterward, Brady noted he'd be back for a year or two of competition but isn't planning to be at the next Worlds in 2018.  "I've always said I want to go out a champion." 

reilly_turns_back_casey_in_threeAisling Reilly said she drew on the 2012 World final when she rallied to win in a tiebreaker.  Reilly rallied to defeat Catriona Casey on Friday to claim her second consecutive World Championship and is shooting for a slam in the Women's Doubles.

walsh_is_masters_king_over_chavezOther notable performances were turned in Friday as Ducksie Walsh is still the Masters kingpin, defeating Marcos Chavez in the final.  Johnny Woods won an exciting 19 singles final in three games and there were many more played in four venues across Calgary.

Team USA came up big in one-wall with Men's and Women's One-Wall Championships coming down to all-USA Open finals.

See all draws and results HERE .  

 See more info about the 2015 World Championships HERE.


The WPH will began filming the 2015 World Handball Championships starting on August 17th providing onsite viewing experience for locals on a big screen TV.  From August 18-21, the WPH webcast is broadcasting matches live from the show court for the whole world to view on
2015 USHA National One-Wall Championships

danielle_over_sandy BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Daskalakis and Bastidas Slam!

Danielle Daskalakis (at left) teamed with Sandy Ng to slam in the Women's Open, while Tyree Bastidas teamed with Billy O'Donnell to slam in the Men's Open.  Tyree (making a stretched-out return in the doubles) turned back a great finals' performance from Cesar Sala, rallying from 9-7 in the breaker to win and then beat Timbo Gonzalez and Victor LoPierre in the doubles in two exciting games. 

tyree_on_sundayIt was a hot Sunday with endurance playing a crucial role in all finals. 

 See the Draws on site HERE.  

2015 National 3-Wall Juniors / 24th LaGrange 3-Wall

fri_web_v1p0275 fri_web_v1p0275LA GRANGE, Ill.  --  The 24th Annual LaGrange 3-Wall Tournament held in conjunction with the 2015 National 3-Wall Junior Championships , hosted by the Illinois Handball Association.

There were weather delays on all days but Sunday when Nikolai Nahorniak (left with IHA's Jamie Simon and Dane Szatkowski) slammed in the Open events in LaGrange.  Nahorniak is back on top of his game after knee surgery, as evidenced by his win over Dane Szatkowski in the singles and teaming with Bill Mehilos to beat Dane and Adam Szatkowski in the doubles.  Adam teamed with Mike Munson to win a tough seniors doubles final over Shane Conneely and James Komsthoeft.  

Weather was an issue for the event but Leo Canales beat Michael Gaulton outside for the 19 title on Friday, 8, 11. Anthony Sullivan (hitting in photo) and Michael Gaulton (far left) came up just short in the 18 doubles to Leo Canales, who slammed in the singles and doubles, and Anthony Collado (right).

Sullivan and Gaulton, 17, 16) took the first game, 14, and lead 19-11 In the second when Collado tightened his defense and Canales went on a serving spree to run out the game.  The tiebreaker was nip and tuck with the 19-year-olds pulling it out 11-8.  “I got a little tired,” Sullivan admitted.

Jon Gutierrez went through the 15 and under round robin undefeated, beating Joe Coman in the final match in two close game.

19 Doubles results:

Leo Canales/Anthony Collado d. Devin Peters/Patrick Cooke, 4, 12; Anthony Sullivan/Michael Gaulton d. Chandler Straw/James Teuber, 6, 5.

Final: Collado/Sullivan d. Sullivan/Gaulton, (14), 19, 8.       

To view draws, start times and scores on the tournament's r2sports site CLICK HERE.

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